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I was searching for a dance video that was mentioned by the instructor who subbed for Phi (who is never there when I go, btw) at Millennium today and I randomly found this.

What I find enjoyably challenging about Millennium is that it is serious dance world there; like some sort of fully tricked-out dance movie: The hip-hop instructors are sick and dancing there is like jumping into an urban-punky-theatrical fashion show.

This is obviously a later rehearsal where they are repeating, polishing and making it look easy. And obviously the dancers here are getting paid as opposed to a class. If you had told me back when I was watching this ad play in theaters prior to previews that I would one day get to dance where they rehearsed for the production, well, I probably would have believed you because I'm a go getter like that (even when I can't see the "how" yet,) and I would have been hella, hella excited about the idea. I wouldn't have slept for a week. I feel that way about a lot of the opportunities available in Los Angeles and remind myself not to take them for granted.

I mean, I'm not even a dancer really. I simply like to dance.

There”ôs a lot of personality and talent hanging around that studio. I wish that acting in itself had the group and community energy that the more active performance styles and sports breed. The drop-in atmosphere is rad: It”ôs like a focused, professional community center.

All of that rehearsal and choreography, and look how much of the actual dancing/dancers made it to final cut.

Incidentally, months ago when I was watching a load of DP reels I noticed how much more, exactly how much more (a lot), production money commercials have compared to actual films. Music videos for major artists have some loaded budgets as well (some videos are arguably commercials themselves).

It's likely that the future of artistic, narrative film is dependent on individuals who are independently wealthy. Companies only pay for crap or adverts, and filmmaking is incredibly expensive. This commercial is a minute and a half long. Excluding the multi-million dollar deal that the company paid out for Brit, care to take a guess at what the budget was?

And I still haven't found that video I was searching for. Probably because I can't remember dude's name.

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