concept artwork: THE SILVER LEGACY  
An original, epic-fantasy film timely to what it's like to live in your times, in your days... . As the film goes through development we'll share moments from the story through concept art, much of which you can download as wallpapers. We'll also provide links to artist interviews while keeping you apprised of the adventure on all fronts, such as the unprecedented, international audience screening demand that allows you to own a screening of the film in your hometown, if you so dare.
Independently financed, this sci-fi fantasy film is currently in preproduction and cuts out the middleman between artist and audience. In days of past, only royalty were able to patronize and influence the arts, but now you can, too: Continue through to experience the award-winning production, and to discover how you can support independent film and see your name in the credits of the movie. Cast and crew announcements will be linked here in addition to all other related film news and events.
Aidmheil: In the Name of Adventure is a hardback collection of Jessica Mae Stover's independent works wherein each chapter is a different story. The first edition has nearly sold out and has already been labeled rare by collectors. Here you can read reviews, listen to a scored selection from the story Greyfeather and purchase the book domestically or internationally.
The first chapter of this traveling, non-linear legend was published as a short story in the collection Aidmheil. Reader interest was such that the publication of a second, 80-page installment, #2 "Catch," from the Greyfeather novel followed and sold out. Join the mailing list to learn of future releases.
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