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I”™m back home.

I survived a week at home, the other home, Virginia, that included a wedding, an engagement party, a mountain, two holiday dinners, muddy cartwheels, quite a few very welcome visitors and a dose of haunting boredom when everyone went back to school and work, leaving me with no one with whom I could kick it. C.Sto took me to get a manicure and bought me the most awesome sneaks I have ever owned. Said sneaks have already aided in adventure.

That is what sisters are for.

I don”™t have any spectacular photos from the trip because my digital camera is broken. (Not surprising: I have carried that thing everywhere from valley to desert to sea... .) I tried to use M.Sto”™s digital, but her camera doesn”™t have the same low-light capabilities and I am too stubborn to shoot with a standard point-and-shoot flash because it makes subjects look unnatural and lights the wrong depth and detail. So I captured a handful of good moments, but they are generally too dark or blurry depending on how I was shooting. (Most of the best stuff happened at sunset, dusk or night, you see.) Not having a camera is killing me slowly: No more sweeping landscapes or gymnastics/stunt-y videos. Or photos of me smashing cupcakes in people”™s faces. Or no more until I get the camera replaced with a better model, at least. I recently purchased a new laptop, so I don”™t know when I will be able to snag a new camera. And, furthermore, because shooting film is expensive, I can”™t mess with the 8mm until I get a new digital camera. (Priorities.) So it is that once again I taste frustration with a wide grin, because a wide grin is really the best option left, really. (I am tired of shaking my fist at the sky.)

Did I mention that The Grizz was gifted with a brand new digital camera, a pro-sumer digital camera, and wouldn”™t let me take it into the front yard to shoot BB?

I don”™t even have a reputation for breaking things: He”™s just like that with his gadgetry.

Anyway, his primary intention for the camera is to use it to take photos of space via his array of telescopes.

Speaking of telescopes (in a moment you will bask in the awe, once again, of my amazing transitions): Before I left for home, Greg (TSL concept artist) sent me a link and said something like, “This reminds me of you for whatever reason.” Greg has worked with me on the current JSDC design, my brand identity (the crest, etc.) and The Silver Legacy, so he”™s fairly privy to total JMS and has me nailed artistically. He proves this weekly via the music and images he sends my way along with a, “I think you”™ll like this.” He is most often right, which is a little scary. In a good way. Accordingly, I clicked the “reminds me of you” link and didn”™t quite know what he was talking about”¦

Until I reached the final moment.

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