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Let”s get more specific about the things you already Know, about trust, across the board,

“We've recently had a double opportunity. The boom of the 1990s boosted trust in business; the 2001 terrorist attacks boosted trust in government. But CEOs and politicians abused these gifts with scandals and incompetence. Such is the cost of corporate malfeasance and the Iraq war: Precious social capital is destroyed by leaders' avarice and hubris.” ”Full editorial via the Washington Post.

Read this: Editorial and insight on the GooTube deal.

What”s been appropriately and simply termed “the decline in trust” has been floating around in our broad understanding (and perhaps our subconscious) for quite a while. The abuse of trust is a source of many of the things we talk about here and a source of many of our frustrations. I chalk the decline in trust up to a large portion of the success of things like Loose Change. (In the spirit of: When conspiracy-myths of that sort come about, to fully understand their reach you have to look at what function the serve in society.)

If you have other examples, links, ideas, then please share. I could write a paper on my take of the topic if I had a few hours. A lot of what I would say has already been said here, however, but not drawn together in a precise and explicit manner.

This is mostly because I prefer for you to think for yourself. There is no doubt in my mind that the readers of this website are smarter and more capable than I am.

The audience always is.

So it”s a fine line between failing to say what you mean and guided discovery.

As a slight change, I feel that it is time to get more specific as our topics culminate in exact philosophies and development of better models, so you may expect said specificity to happen over time here. You may also expect me to require the same level of exploration and clarity from you and your smartness.

Not that I don”t already.

(If I used emoticons in entries, then I would have slapped a big grin on the end of that last thought.)

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