Before the Maps 

I love doing research so much that I spend more time learning than I should while working on a piece.

Among the collage of things I found today comes the tapir.

Which begs the question:

If I found a baby tapir that had clearly been abandoned (you know, in the woods or something), do you think I could totally raise it as a friend-pet sort of like Rajah in Aladdin except my idea is way less crazy because it”s a tapir and not a tiger? Also, some tapirs get large enough (800 lbs) that I could ride them if I get into a pinch. ”Like if I turned my ankle while trying to back flip off a tree while picking plantains. What do you think of that?

What do you think of this?

And why is KJI the Napoleon Dynamite of dictators? I”m pretty sure that shot is from the next Wes Anderson movie. Yeah, yeah: I know I'm supposed to be writing and not looking at KJI pictures, but it was linked on Google News and I actually feel bad that it made me laugh a whole, whole lot when, instead, I'm supposed to take him seriously as a threat. He's just so... theatrical.

Earlier this week, a stranger told me that I look like Princess Leia. That bears mentioning. Maybe I should bring back the crusade for the banner.

Speaking of my crusades, how amazing was Beck on SNL tonight? That”s what I mean by raising the bar, people. Hugh Laurie added style to that dying show, too. That being said, the show still sucked.

Oh and further related-ly, the marketing for Babel is not what the movie is like. Ye be heads-upped.

So do we get an extra hour this weekend or what?

That”s a lot of questions.

Answer them all or fail, Toaster Lover.

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