Inbox: Sick Day 

I”ve been in my bed for about two days now and my brain is all foggy. Which is a little funny. This is a good time to go through one”s inbox, I think. Especially as I”ve been saving some of your questions for a few months. And now” answers?

Surprise me with someone I wouldn”t have thought you have worked with.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta via CNN

I”m thinking about moving to Los Angeles to pursue the arts and am wondering, what frustrates you most about working in Los Angeles?

1. The general attitude of the machine, which includes talent, businessmen, press and, yes, audience members. (I wonder: Does that answer imply a lack of quality leadership in the industry?)

2. It takes forever to get projects done (much longer than it should, even when taking care for high-quality), which is one bonus to working on your own projects: You control the schedule. The downside to that, however, is that your own projects tend to be smaller and more limited due to budget and distribution/promotion. Of course you could always head to the East Coast: I hear they actually get things done over there.

3. Pollution.

I imagine that I”d have the same complaints were I working in Washington.

Overall, I suppose you have to make a decision on whether or not to subscribe to, and learn, the game or to go it on your own. Your decision will be based on many factors, including what your skills and goals are. Some people might say that there”s a line to walk there, but I haven”t witnessed it yet. You either conform, or you don”t. What people mistake as a “line,” I think, is being smart about conforming vs. being blind about the whole process.

J.Sto what the frackin” hell took you so long to get into ”BSG”?

I felt like I was too far behind and needed to rent the DVDs (and, incidentally I only rent DVDs when I”m at Stover Mancha). Finally, however, I caught a cold, which meant I was randomly watching TV, which lead to my stumbling upon a random BSG rerun, which just happened to be the catch-up episode (so I guess they did good in that the episode works for newbies). I see why everyone declares that BSG is better than LOST, 24” all of those shows: It simply is. It”s early yet, but I hope that in the future they won”t mess up by letting the show run past where the story ends.

You seem a little tired lately. You OK?

Truth. I”ve been sick and stretched thin again (one possibly the cause of the other). But, I”m fine. Having fun with writing to spite all the show and marketing and auditioning stuff and other pressure. Trying to produce and tie things off before the holidays start.

Are your eyes grey or blue?

That all depends.

How do I see the secret RSS entries?

Get an RSS reader or click RSS at the bottom of any entry and it will give you a list. ”Or you can always check the recently archived entries, which is a handy place to catch up on what”s recent.

When does that limited edition ”TSL” thingie become available?

See above question.

What is a lesson you”ve learned that you wish everyone understood?

Non-zero-sum game. This lesson was eye-opening for me in the sixth grade in that I was the little asshole who figured out how it”s impossible to be beaten and convinced my group to play according to that strategy. (Nobody wins if even one person uses that strategy. True, some may end up with less negative numbers than others, but nobody wins, much less reaches their full potential.)

What did you think of Lucas” latest statements in Variety?

See above question.

Who was the last person you video chatted with?

C.3PSto, human cyborg-sister.

I know you just started watching, but so far which ”BSG” character do you identify with most? I bet I know.


What habit are you trying to break?

My daily Grande, Organic, Vanilla Latte from Starbucks. (There”s a transition there somewhere that I missed.)

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