Inbox: Haiku 

Hey Jess, you asked us to write some Haiku for you.

Yes. And, only one person did. I hate you all.

Why don't you write some for us? Scottie, WV


You asked, I deliver. Don't get used to that kind of treatment, though. I'm not some little Haiku puppet here for your own personal amusement. OK, so I am here for your amusement, but I got no strings, ya hear me?

This Haiku is somewhat untraditional because the subject is not about nature and the great outdoors. It is more about the human nature that you discover within, which is as natural as it gets. Prepare yourself because it's really deep:

To be so awesome
Is a crime against nature
So arrest me, fool.

This one refers to this time when I was reading:

Midnight passes me...
Lord of the Rings books open...
Break for sleep? No way.

And this one is about the camping epic I never delivered:

O, Camping Epic,
I should write you brilliantly.
Thwarted!: Writer's block.

Here is the entire camping epic delivered in Haiku form:

Freezing cold rain falls
On roller coaster mountains...
We will die out here.

The rest of the epic will come via photos once I get an hour or so to put them on the site. Which will probably be never. Or maybe this weekend.

Haiku me back, yo. Perhaps we will all graduate to Limericks in the coming weeks. I'm working on one now. It's about how months after Christmas my Mom still has not shipped me the Gamecube that C.Sto got me. WTF is up with that, M.Sto?!

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