I am writing an indie short film, two separate feature screenplays and I”m working on a chapbook.

So that”s four stories on top of all the business stuff, auditions and projects in the day. This past weekend I might have cried while in the vile clutches of The Stress, you know. But Ninjas don”t cry.

(Especially while in the middle of a mission.)

Speaking of missions, recently I posted,

If you haven”t called your local and national representatives about this* yet, then please consider the notion.

Sean Stubblefield replied,

Jess asked me to share this with the class: apparently, final revisions for the National Parks Service conservation are already done. new policy has gone active. haven't read through it (yet), so i don't know how concerned we should really be. or what we could do anyway, besides register (ignored)complaints.
here are (re)sources for info about NPS policy changes...

I have been meaning to research this issue further to see if the parks are still in trouble. If you have time to help consolidate an answer, then please post: Maybe we can catch up together and figure out how concerned we need to be.

Update: (From Sean)

Updatex2: Greenblooded

*Vanity Fair has since removed this article. What a shame.

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