Home Alone 

Yesterday I left my house.

I spent a few minutes walking from room to room through Stover Mancha; wrote C.Sto a little good-bye note and gave her back the dictionary I borrowed; played Gin with The Grizz for an hour, (I dominated); listened to my Mom type on her computer in her office; washed my clothes and packed my luggage; and, that was it. It was time.

My flat in Los Angeles was cold, stuffy and needed a good airing out. I suppose it's a bit empty in comparison to home.

My flat in Los Angeles wasn't familiar until late this morning. I went to the 101, ate mediocre scrambled eggs with a too-tall chocolate shake and finally, when I returned, it felt a little more like this is where I live.

Anyway, I got what I asked for.

I'm here.

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