144 & Everything After 

It begins.

Let”s make it a good one.

And, as requested, here is the hiatus verse (draft) in its proper form:

I rein my light in from the day
       And you portend surrender near?
       You dream it done? You set my snare;
This shade, it means I plot in peace.

Until the Nones of March I march,
       Soft falls my step on soldiers” path,
       All deaf to me as I move past,
For what have I in trumpet? Hope!

As under covert rose I ride,
       Advancing with prolific speed,
       Let not our love, my love, impede
The silence strong that veils device;

I breathe in deep, then break my storm
       And force foe-blind to bleeding knee,
       Thus calm must come, then victory:
Not dark nor death, but Jesca”s sun.

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