Modern Myth: Beauty and the Beast 

I do not know much about the story of King Kong. I know the iconic poster from back in the day and I know of the swatting planes thing, and that is all. Thus, I look at Kong with no expectation or prejudice, save what marketing has promised and what I know of team Wingnut”s abilities.

Kong I rather think I should have liked more. Technically, it”s sound. Narratively, it”s not and is not nearly as flawless as we are accustomed to in a Peter Jackson epic.

This version of beauty and the beast doesn”t snag me as it does some people, so perhaps I”m the wrong person to ask. I question how timely the telling of this tale is. (Which, I argue, is an important part of the evolution of myth.) Jackson is still King of making a moment with no words. Some moments in Kong, however, felt forced and there were a couple of slip-ups that the aware will notice, (i.e.: someone knows something that they were never told on camera so it wasn”t set up). Also, supporting characters have no arc and are lost in the third act, which really surprised me.

Regarding the score, I thought the main theme was” unmemorable. Especially for something so epic and long. (At times, it does feel long. And usually I adore Peter Jackson”s long epics.)

I”d like to comment on the acting, but this is a director”s film. Know this:

I don”t know that much about Serkis” work as Kong, but from what I know of his Gollum work, I am amazed at the contribution he has made to this film and to acting+technology. This is probably a bigger deal than we currently realize. Especially for actors.

The action writing is fantastic in that the writer continuously yanks the carpet out from under the protagonists, keeps upping the stakes... All the things you do to make it good. But, are all the action sequences organic? No.

Oh and there”s one moment in the trailers they totally should have left out because it diluted the moment in the film. Fucking tricky-ass marketing. I can”t blame them; they need to get you out to see the thing first, but dammit it would have been so much stronger had I not already seen the setup.

So add it all up and what I declare is: If the story appeals to you in the slightest, then you will enjoy it and certainly should see it at the theater as it is one of the better films this year.

(Please note that this has been a shitty year for films, especially for anyone who has been waiting for the big adventure story.)

PS: I assume that the last line of the film and the relationship between Hayes and Jimmy are throwbacks? It's silly to force in the past regardless, but if they”re not throwbacks, then I really don”t understand.

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