Adventure Inscriptions 

AIDMHEIL has been signed, shipped and will come to the domestics early this week. (International takes a little longer.)

Friends were at the Mancha last night to buy their copies. It was weird in that I didn”t think it was weird until one of my friends got her copy and said, “Holy shit--This is a real book!”

So then it was weird for a moment because I thought it should feel weird that people I know are buying something I wrote...

But it didn't and still doesn't: It feels like a normal bit of the journey.

Speaking of weird, some of you listed interesting directions in the autograph instructions space on your preorders form. Things were all motion and excitement when I was signing the book, and the presence of C.Sto heightened the crazy, so you may have gotten something” unexpected written in yours. But, hey, you asked for it. Or maybe you were after the person who asked for it, and it overflowed to you.

Or maybe I wrote you something sweet and kind.

Or maybe I made fun of your mom.

Anyway, you'll be Aidmheil-ed soon enough and there's plenty of room in the comments and in my inbox for you to tell me what you think.

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