Aslan on the Move 

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is a good enough movie. I had some issues with the second act, but the film is a solid enough B- that I won”t pick.

The first act is well done. And the bit of battle scenes we get to glimpse are visually great because the movement and participants together add up to something we”ve never seen before. I could compliment more (Swinton has possibilities), or criticize (all of the choices made are obvious), but I don't think I could say anything that you wouldn't know from seeing it yourself.

Narnia fans shouldn't be disappointed,

My warning: Those who don't know the books might be expecting something that Narnia is not. Unlike Harry Potter, the books are definitely written for children and rather slim and simple, which is part of what makes them well-loved. Furthermore, LWW is full of lessons you've already learned a thousand times over and said lessons are presented in a manner that you've seen quite a bit. To a child, however, the story and the telling are new.

So it is that this is a predictable epic for imaginative children past, present and future.

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