So Many Fires 

Fall. Winter.

As I prepare, or don”™t prepare, for the holidays,

As I coast along this time,

This time that I have always considered my time,

My season,

My best,

The time I shine most, if at any part of the year,

I know what I must do, but I don”™t know what I am thinking.

Or how I feel about the roads.

And to think it will all be over soon, in January...

One of the times in all the places I”™ve been

That I like the least.

But, for now, it is Fall.

And good projects, they are everywhere,

Which means new cool stuff is coming. And I know you like new cool stuff. I also know that you like when people tell you to “stay tuned” because that means the “new cool stuff” is “coming your way.” So I know you like everything I”™m saying now. And that you won”™t forget me.

Here is a list of stuff:
Interesting things related to the book, things related to the screenplay (that”™s a big one), and other sorts of things and stuffs, too.

That was a great list.

Also for now, because it is still Fall and these are my days, a bit of rhyme:

O, Noon,
You beautiful thing!
Ten hours of sleep,
Warm covers run deep,
Lights glimmer through my dream”¦

You beautiful thing.
O, Noon.

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