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The following was said in a previous entry:

Next time you sit down to compose one of your notorious “Inbox”¯ entries think about this instead: Have you ever considered allowing a reader to send you interview questions and then posting them on JSDC? A lot of the commenters here are intelligent. I would enjoy reading something like that and they might ask the questions that we all are wondering about. ”“Gabe

Too late, Gabe. The deed is done. And are you saying that people don”™t want to know about my shampoo talk? Because, actually, that is the number one asked question here on JSDC. Regardless, I will stop after one more question and open to try your way. So, if a regular reader, someone who actually knows JSDC, would like to do that, then I would be up for answering those questions. Whoever sends the first quality interview will get answers.

Peter has stepped to the challenge. He actually asked me earlier, but I was busier with book and screenplay stuff and a play, so it had to wait until today.

Five Questions

And, I have one: What's a good song for me to listen to right now?

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