I talk about C.Sto a lot.

Like when two people first start dating, you know how they talk about each other constantly...

“C.Sto once wrote a speech about how men are biologically expendable.”

“My sister C.Sto and I love Harry Potter!”

“C.Sto always says that I talk so much that no one else has a chance to say anything.”

“Did you know that C.Sto beat Mike Tyson in Mike Tyson's Punch Out in one try?”

"C.Sto, C.Sto, C.Sto!"

"C.Sto officially has a new boyfriend."

Last time she had a boyfriend, I was not happy. He stole her away and was weird about everything. He didn”™t like to come around Stover Mancha, either. But this new boyfriend? He has promised to play laser tag with me over Thanksgiving.

He is also a Viking.

And reads my website.

And is easily conquered in Egyptian Rat Screw.


I”™ll allow it.

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