The Constant Dreamer 


When I am not in a show, I don't know what to do.

So I write. I write thinking that later I can tell the story in a show.

When that doesn”t happen, I get frustrated and upset.

I wonder why people can”t see what I see. Or why they won”t look in the first place. Open their minds”

Because there is something to be said for having your makeup station next to your favorite cast member.

Or that director”s speech before the show that you always know is coming and swear you don”t need or won”t buy into. But then when he says, “everyone here in this cast has earned the right to be on stage” and you”ve never heard that before and you know he”s right, well, you believe.

And that feeling when you jump a line and your scene partner saves you.

Then there”s the vocal warm-up, or prancing around backstage singing Beauty and the Beast.

Oh! And notes before every show!

And glow tape!

And spotlights!

Or that stage manager who is so good that you never have to worry if your personal props are set.

And a friendly audience. Do they know that they, too, are a part of the show?

Three producers read my screenplay last week and their feedback was excellent. And, they all agree that the work is there and that they love the story, that it”s different and exciting, and that I”ve got something. So that”s something.

A huge something.

Sometimes, when I”m trying to solve a story problem, I lie back” close my eyes”

It is here, between sleep and awake, that my mind wanders to new places.

The places that will earn me a right to be on stage.

And if that”s not the way reality is,

Then I”ll close my eyes again...

And change it.

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