I”™m having loads of fun with gymnastics. I”™ve been missing that clearness of mind that results from physical activity. That closeness to the other side that allows you, if only for a moment, not to think...

I don't buy that whole, “Treat others how you want to be treated” saying. This is mostly because it implies personal gain, which, if you watch Charmed, you know to be a bad thing. The same goes for, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”


At least one of these sayings, (often called “The Golden Rule",) appears in some form in most religions. Most notably, they all promote the same thing: A bit of loving-kindness in relation to the common human value of right relationship.

But, as any good storyteller knows, it”™s all in the positioning.

For this reason I have I always preferred, “Do not unto others as you would have them do not unto you.” This means that you can do all the good in the world and it may not come back to you, but if you do some fucking evil, it probably will. Hence, good is normal and is therefore not rewarded. But evil, evil is not normal and is rewarded with back-atcha evil. Assuming that this is true, this means that humanity is naturally good with tendencies toward evil and not vice versa.

So maybe we aren”™t as screwed as we thought.

...There is a clearness of mind that comes from physical activity. And, afterward, in your exhaustion, a release of free flowing thought. After having my brains turned upside down back-handspring style and passing through some stars, those thoughts above drifted effortlessly to the forefront.

That's what everyone is really after, you know.

A release.

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