Root, Branch & Tree 

In passing, over the years, I have caught snatches of family myths and strung them together in my memory. None of them surprise me. No matter how outlandish, I consider them to be a pearl of mythical truth. Of course I didn”™t want to actually know too much about them because that might ruin the story. Some of these are alluded to in JSDC random fact. Some of these are the following:

M.Sto”™s Side: Great grandmother had psychic tendencies. Saw ghosts. Made scary accurate predictions.
The Grizz”™s Side: Great grandfather had eagle-eye for certain rare Trifolium.
The Grizz”™s Side: Great grandmother related to Queen Elizabeth.

Grandmother Stover was over to dinner yesterday, and, on impulse, I inquired about the fable of the Stovers, (The Stovers West Virginia, mind you,) in relation to the Queen. Of England.

“Your Great, Great Grandmother was invited to the Queen”™s coronation because they are related.”

I”™m sorry, I think I just hallucinated.

Did she just say, “because they are related”?

No one else was particularly excited by this news. Then again, no one else at the table has always known that they were totally meant to be Queen of something. Since Grandmother Stover believes her cousin will not be willing to part with the original invitation, I have dispatched her to procure a copy. Once I have that bit of evidence I can then set to some lineage tracing. (And by “set to” I mean, “set M.Sto to.”)

I suspect that this bit of Stover history will take months to solve and won”™t yield anything spectacular. Still, you never know what truths lie hidden in JSDC random fact.

And you never know why I write the way I do.

For now, be advised that there exist mysteries.
Or, mystories.

That”™ll do.

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