Jessica: I like the song California by Phantom Planet. (From The O.C.)
C3PSto: Yeah I know you do.
C3PSto: The OC is so popingay.
Jessica: Yeah it is, but don't hold that against California. Plus, the song is about driving to Cali and everyone knows that driving songs are 18.34932849023809% more awesome than most other songs.
Jessica: The 101 is mentioned”
Jessica: And PCH... That is totally helpful if you get lost. (Unlike the song Maps which, surprisingly, cannot help you get anywhere.)
Jessica: Dude, there are a lot of songs about California.
Jessica: Another good one is Road Trippin” by the Chili Peppers. I never realized what “blue, you sit so pretty west of the one” meant until I moved here. Free Fallin' is another good Cali song.
Jessica: And I think California Love by 2Pac et cetera mentions every 'hood in the Los Angeles area” Not to mention my fools in NWA holding it down for Compton and Snoop reppin” LBC.
C3PSto: yeah yeah
C3PSto: CA sucks. I don”t know why people write songs about it.
C3PSto: They should write about VA, and the Beltway, and 95.
Jessica: But, there's nothing freeing about the beltway and 95. I mean it's just one big annoying circle.
Jessica: There are other things in VA that are worthy of being written about, though.
Jessica: People come out CA for so many different reasons. It”s a big adventure, (especially if you drive across the country to get here,) so the experience is written about frequently. Plus, many songwriters work in LA at some point. Write what you know, you know?
C3PSto: Well diplomats come here for so many different reasons.
C3PSto: Who's more important, diplomats from other countries or some random pot heads that drive around writing songs?
Jessica: Don”t diplomats go to DC not VA?
C3PSto: Same difference.
Jessica: The DC” (Turn the song on...)

Driving in the rain
Just got off the plane
Going to make some global change
Washington DC, here we come
Our security guard”s got a gun

Pull up at the hotel
Phone Senator Cochell
Sell secrets that we shouldn”t tell
Washington DC, here we come
Where Diplomats are number one

Washington DC... Here we come!

Turn on the radio
Speeding as we go
Straight to Capital Hill for lunch
Washington DC, here we come
Diplomatic license plates are fun

Americans have no clue
What we're here to do
Buy your politicians now
Washington DC here we come,
Where dirty business is done

Washington DC... Here we come!
C3PSto: lol
C3PSto: hahaha
C3PSto: Dude how did you write that in 30 seconds?
Jessica: Next up: The NoVA.
On I-95
Cars go slip and slide
Sleet and snow mixed outside
Virginia, here we come
Right back where we started from”

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