I am the sort of person who”¦

Is always working but never gets paid; Covers the wall above her desk with scenic photos torn out of old calendars; Finds Walden applicable to modern life; Puts sliced cucumber in a glass of water; Would trade places with Harry Potter; Drinks one bottled Starbucks frappachino daily (Vanilla!); Takes photos of the sky; Rises with the wind; Overcomes stage fright; Is anal about party manners; Knows every word of the Star Wars Gangsta Rap and the Gettysburg Address; Should have started taking Ninjitsu at birth; Walks in the rain; Hates to get caught up, but does it anyway; Calls her family everyday; Writes so much that her left hand hurts; Is great at many things and master of no thing; Plays LOTR trivial pursuit; Needs to get her throwing arm back into shape; Uses sea salt, string or duct tape to solve everyday problems; Orders pizza online; Confronts those who litter; Goes to bed at two o”™clock; Writes the time with words; Talks more than not; Only works on what she cares about; Sees the world as available; Procrastinates on paying bills; Likes to play pretend but is comfortable in her own skin; Burns candles out quicker than she can buy them (Vanilla!); Would rather be a gypsy than sit a cubicle; Never forgets the moments when someone stuck up for her; Fully understands why some people consider “Jedi”¯ a religion; Cannot stop believing...

You are the sort of person who”¦

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