Prepare the Shivering of Timbers... 

I had mentioned that Awesomber is full of hella rad holidays and that more information was to follow. Let the record show that I keep my promises. And that I am awesome. (And by awesome I mean I can, hands down, kick your ass at ANYTHING.)

Moving on, Awesomber 19th is TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY. This is definitely an official, international holiday. If you don”t believe me then shut it! You can check the official site while I laugh in your face. Feel free to call the UN if you still don't believe me. Some guy at the UN will definitely back me up and then you will feel like an international idiot. (I was going to list that UN guy's name, but I can”t think of anyone who works at the UN. C.Sto, help!)

I recommend that you brush up on your Pirate lingo in order to learn how to pick up Pirates. Otherwise, you will totally be lonely on the 19th when the whole world goes Pirate and you stay chump.

PS: Even Ninjas talk like Pirates on Talk Like a Pirate Day. This is so that they may preserve their secret identities. Now I will write more junk so that "identities" is not the only word on this line.

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