Hardback, cloth-covered and sturdy, Aidmheil is a 142-page collection of independent works. Each chapter is a different story: There are creative non-fiction chapters, original myth/fiction chapters, poems, secrets of The Awesome and more. (No returns. Ships next business day.)

Listen to a section from the story Greyfeather, a chapter of Aidmheil:


Thanks to your interest in the story of Greyfeather, we are excited to be producing and distributing more of the adventure in chapter booklet form. #2 has now sold out. Join the mailing list to learn of future releases.

Magazine Man: "If you dare, you can follow J.Sto into the valley of Death. You can eavesdrop while she acts as a receptionist at the payphone of the Jedi. Or you can read 'Greyfeather' a more traditional fantasy story that I can only hope is a taste of the honking big banana split that is to come."
Shane Nickerson: "For purely selfish reasons, you should get yourself a copy of [Jessica's] first published work. You don't want to be left out when the rest of us are making hundreds of dollars on ebay..."
Curt Sawyer: "Truly a great read... A rare gift indeed."
Askewed Views: "[Jessica] is a gifted storyteller with a vivid imagination and a nearly impeccable eye for detail, and she is destined for great things. Plus, doesn't your bookshelf need a little more awesome?"
Paul Davidson: "The book is clever in its humor, snarky in its wit, beautiful in its poetic goodness and sweeping in its scale."
Wynk: "It is the deep breath taken before an incredible journey."
Kittenagogo: “It is official: Jessica Stover is now on the list of authors that I like. Little does she know what a burden this can be. I am a high maintenance fan and I don't understand why there isn't a new book by each of these writers EVERY SINGLE TIME I GO INTO BORDERS."
Peter DeWolf: "She's a very talented writer and mediocre ninja."



Greyfeather Audio Credits: Production, Story and Vocals by Jessica Mae Stover Original Score, 'The Final Walk,' Composed by Erich The Viking King Mixing by Engineer James Musshorn Additional Consulting by Composer Fred Kron

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