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Narnia in My Front Yard 

It was long ago that my Father installed a lamppost far away from our house in an unusual location. Pulling back my blinds tonight, I see that a drifty field of snow has built around its black base. Trees glazed in ice line the backdrop like sacred guardians watching over the private silence settling on this place. Heavy flakes dance soft and intermittent through still and windless night air, changing our welcoming light-guide to unnatural visitor. Each cold crystal becomes the dust of magic as it falls upon a yard of canvass framed by endless woods. Still, our lamppost stands steadfast: The last trace of a civilization overtaken by a frozen desert.

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The Worst Mistake (My Day of Ruin) 

Have you ever made a mistake that seemed so obviously easy to avoid, yet you were unaware? Sometimes, someone will say something that sheds light on an issue and suddenly everything is clear. Something you missed is then seen in such a way that you can't believe how stupid you were to miss it in the first place.

I made a poor business mistake and it was brought to light today. I admit, money, math, numbers, finance: All are a weakness of mine. I have no love for them and avoid them at all cost. Avoidance and stubbornness lead to blindness. My lack of vigilance has now put me in a difficult situation. And worse, it looks like I missed said mistake on purpose. The thought of someone thinking unjustly poor of myself torments me.

I am not yet sure how I will beat this roadblock. I don't know how it will affect my goals and dreams, or even my current performance situation and geographical location. The way out is hidden from me and I know there is not a shortcut. The quickest way is through the shadow, by making up for the mistake and righting any misunderstandings. My apologies for not being more specific, but I am not able to say more at this point. There are few times that I have felt this poor of spirit.

This will henceforth be known as "My Day of Ruin."

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