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Nightfind (I) 




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Lethe (II) 

Shower in thunder
Push into the night
Where everything breathes
Down the lane
Tracing the shadows
Between the flashes
Between breaths
Between footsteps
Between your fingers
Running for something—

That single lamppost
That arc of light
That break in night
The true mark of flight…
Breech the circle of orange glow

Past the wood
Past the deer
Past the rocks
The river flows—

Down where the swamps grow
Down where time slows
Until you stop
And the bog rolls around you
Thick like molasses
A rocky island in the night
A spit of land in the night
A limb of land in the night—

Amuse yourself if you must
Spend your time here, aye, if you will
Building in circles
Moving in circles
Forgetting in circles…
Wood and star and
Rock and hush and
Staring and starring
Drawing you in
Lapping the silent thick
Mudding your knees—

And the silences inbetween—

Just, don’t disturb the water
Don’t get the river upon ye—

How long have I been here?
Slip away the years…

That night you cannot get at
Those damp molasses swirls
That lapping, dark hole
Eye of dark water
Haunting marshmallow and cream
Mudded chocolate, stale dream
Don’t disturb the river
Don’t get the water upon yea—

Down where the swamps grow
Land of the cool slow
Full stop
And the bog rolls around you.

…Until your fingers slip
Slick, grasp for a stone
A piece of rock—No, wood—
The desire to know…
To throw, shatter the Eye
And remember—

What is it?

The dark water
Your stale dreams
The fading memory of being clean…

And a desire to know.
To remember—

Leads a throw, splash—

The molasses parts
The navy eye grows…
The thick regroups.

…But, there’s a sudden breeze…

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Daylight (III) 

The waters rip wide
The Eye from inside
A blaze of white light

And you're free.

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Freeland (IV) 

Back to the world
Where the boulders grow
Where the statues all know
And the monuments glow—

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Stormbourn (V) 

Where your story unfolds
Amidst stone castles bold
Amidst skies of pink gold
Amidst fields of green gold
Where the arc moves your feet
Where the moon and sun meet
Beyond night and day
Linking realms at the gate

Where the boulders wild grow
All the monuments glow
And the statues all know
And the freest winds blow

A song smolders nigh
A whisper aside
A glint of white light
The eye from inside
And the moon is up high

The realm you can’t hide
Your hands snap the ties
The wind as it flies
The light clutched inside

The compass wand cries
And the demons all die

And the winds freest blow
Licking halls of grey stone
Licking fields lying low
Licking seas of green gold

Where the archway connects
Linking realms at the neck
Casting dark silver specks
Licking wind at your neck

The sun and moon rise—
And the stories connect

The light hits the bone
The light cuts through stone
This kingdom is home
The winds go full blown

The shadows breathe black
Your dreams are on track
The sun and moon rise—
The stories connect,
And you’re back.

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A Sketch of Time 

I Nightfind
II Lethe
III Daylight
IV Freeland
V Stormbourn

- Highlight -

It would be nice if I had time for more than a sketch, a rough draft. Alas.

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