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Home Alone 

Yesterday I left my house.

I spent a few minutes walking from room to room through Stover Mancha; wrote C.Sto a little good-bye note and gave her back the dictionary I borrowed; played Gin with The Grizz for an hour, (I dominated); listened to my Mom type on her computer in her office; washed my clothes and packed my luggage; and, that was it. It was time.

My flat in Los Angeles was cold, stuffy and needed a good airing out. I suppose it's a bit empty in comparison to home.

My flat in Los Angeles wasn't familiar until late this morning. I went to the 101, ate mediocre scrambled eggs with a too-tall chocolate shake and finally, when I returned, it felt a little more like this is where I live.

Anyway, I got what I asked for.

I'm here.

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Holly's Wood 

Holly came to Hollywood this weekend. This was excellent timing if you like sitting around and watching me shoot all day and going to premieres. Here is what it would be like to visit me. If we were friends. And I would let you.

6:30 Screening of a teen movie at The Grove. This movie sucks hard except for one hilarious actor, Leonardo Nam. The first ten minutes are terrible.

10:00 Holly wakes up and comes into my room--
Holly: Do you always sleep in this late?
Jessica: WTF are you talking to me while I'm trying to sleep!
Holly goes back to the living room.
I do not like being woken up.
2:30 Hair at Cristophe, Beverly Hills
4:00 Makeup
4:40 Interviews with the cast from terrible teen movie at the Regent Beverly Wilshire in Beverly Hills. (AKA: The Pretty Woman Hotel.) All cast members are easy to work with. Holly works as my assistant, which consists of getting me a water and holding my bag. And telling me I'm pretty.
5:30 Tea in the hotel lounge.
Jessica: I bet the cast will come down here.
Holly: Really?
Enter Chris Evans. He nods hello. Gets on his cell phone. Exit Chris Evans.
Holly: He's hot.
Jessica: I'm psychic. (beat) I thought Bryan Greenberg was more interesting. And by "interesting" I mean "taller."
Enter Bryan Greenberg.
Holly: (aside)Yesssss!
Jessica: Hey, Bryan, Chris was just looking for you. You can talk to us until they get here so that you don't look stupid. Then you may leave.
Bryan: (teasing) That's the plan. What are you guys drinking? Tea?
Rest of cast enters. Bryan nods goodbye. Leaves his half-crushed bottle of Figi water at our table.
6:20 Had crushed bottle of Figi delivered back to Bryan Greenberg by waitress. Holly and I think this is extremely hilarious. Do not leave trash on my table, foolio.
6:30 Leave Beverly Wilshire for another stupid teen movie premiere.
6:55 Red Carpet
7:30 Our seats are one over from "Kate Bosworth and Guest." Pray that Orlando Bloom comes with her. He does not. She sits next to family member. Am thwarted. Movie starts.
9:30 After-party at W Hotel in Westwood. Ate product placement Pringles as didn't like fancy Asian cuisine offered. Holly stands in line for the bathroom with MK Olsen, is amazed at "how tiny most actors are."

11:00 Hollywood walk of fame.
12:00 Grocery Store (Ralph's. Woot.)
1:00 Nap. Watch The Proffesional on Bravo. Natalie Portman is quite good. Get ready to leave for shoot.
4:30 Tea at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills
6:00 My call time for shoot with Josh Duhamel. (4S Hotel, still.)
7:00 Josh Duhamel's Call Time
8:00 Josh Duhamel Arrives
8:15 Awesome Shoot with Josh Duhamel. Josh dips me back like Kate Bosworth in the movie poster from stupid teen movie. He is very charming and I think we're in love. Except he might have a girlfriend. And he's more like my older brother.
9:00 Shoot Ends
9:10 As we wait for valet Holly sees actress Lori Loughlin, who played Rebecca on Full House. Adds her to her list of celebrity sightings. Is elated.
10:00 Icecream at Cafe ArcLight, Hollywood
12:30 Watch end of bad episode of SNL. Fall asleep. Have dream about crocodile attack.

7:00 Wake up. Put hair in pony tail. Take Holly to Long Beach Airport. Get lost. Twice. Still really early. Need Starbucks. Bye-bye to Holly.

Not bad for a two day run. I usually refrain from writing about this stuff because it has quickly become not as fun as it sounds. However, seeing it through Holly's eyes was cool because it was new to her. I never thought I'd say that premieres, parties, et cetera are boring and exhausting, but they are and aren't worth the trouble most of the time.

I would rather stay home and write.

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