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As I stare at my notes and the first page of my outline for the second screenplay,

Shit. This is going to be a load of work. (Again.)

WTF do I care? The second is more exciting.

I’ve been looking forward to telling this part of the story since before I wrote the first.

I think I can even wait on the third and final, a little.

This one will probably be my favorite.

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Kindness of Strangers 

I spend a lot of time by myself. My family and close friends are all in Virginia. I am, essentially, alone.

Fortunately, people who don't know me are nice to me.

Thanks to JSDC reader Gary, who sent two dozen roses to the theater yesterday. It was quite a surprise to receive so large and star-like an arrangement. They wouldn’t fit in the dressing room and I had an interesting time getting them home. Everyone in the elevator concluded that I must be someone special or amazing. I could tell. They were awed. And they should be: This marks the first time I have received two dozen roses, which I’m pretty sure is some sort of marker in any individual’s life... kind of like getting your license or learning how to kill any opponent in one hit. (Total rites of passage.)

You should also know that JSDC has a theme song.

Hey, it happens. (Thanks to Dave.)

I know what you are going to ask, because, upon hearing this, one of my friends asked:

“Hey Jessica can I come up with my own flippin’ sweet theme song for you?”


I love it—I really do. That is probably the coolest thing you can do for someone: Write them a song. My friend ZIV says that writing anything for a person is awesome and impressive, but perhaps I think songs are better because I’m not a musician, so I can’t arrange something myself.

Really, what is saaweeter than flowers or more awesome than music? I can't think of anything.

Except maybe stranger-friends.

PS: Hereisyourfavoritesong.

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I talk about C.Sto a lot.

Like when two people first start dating, you know how they talk about each other constantly...

“C.Sto once wrote a speech about how men are biologically expendable.”

“My sister C.Sto and I love Harry Potter!”

“C.Sto always says that I talk so much that no one else has a chance to say anything.”

“Did you know that C.Sto beat Mike Tyson in Mike Tyson's Punch Out in one try?”

"C.Sto, C.Sto, C.Sto!"

"C.Sto officially has a new boyfriend."

Last time she had a boyfriend, I was not happy. He stole her away and was weird about everything. He didn’t like to come around Stover Mancha, either. But this new boyfriend? He has promised to play laser tag with me over Thanksgiving.

He is also a Viking.

And reads my website.

And is easily conquered in Egyptian Rat Screw.


I’ll allow it.

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Today I looked in my filing cabinets just because I can. I came upon a folder titled "Ranch" and, upon looking at the map and listings of the guest rooms, discovered that the room I spent the most time in while there is called the Dorothy Parker room.

Each room in the guest house is themed American: Ansel Adams, Steinbeck…

Dorothy Parker. She’s a favorite. At that point, however, I had not yet stumbled upon her excellence.

I also found my packet on the history of the ranch, which is full of useful information. For instance, did you know that the Ranch Fitness Center offers to employees and guests an outdoor solar heated swimming pool? That is worth knowing, I think.

Anyway, this week I went to the Paramount lot with Nicky KlingonSpeaker4Life to visit the Star Trek library and I met Helena and I took only one photo.

So many nerds are jealous of me right now.

Make me your queen and I will lead you to sci-fi victory.

(Or at least teach you some sweet MK fatalities.)

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The play is going well.

JSDC readers have been in attendance. Someone sent me flowers. Someone told me that I am taller in person. (I mean, really?) A cast member told me that he thought I was quite good and that he couldn’t believe more people weren’t calling me to work right now. A writer friend came and told another writer friend who couldn’t come that she was impressed with my performance, and he said, much to my surprise, that he wasn’t surprised. A supporting actor from a major sitcom introduced himself and continued to say that he enjoyed my acting.

I’m not used to hearing that.

Perhaps he told everyone that.

Perhaps it's not true.

I wouldn’t mind, though.

Everyone has different tastes, and I, personally, believe in the entire cast. There are rad little things happening over in Noho’s art district. I am glad to be here.

Tonight marks closing night. We are sold out, but someone ridiculous in LA always flakes, so make a reservation with the Historic Lankershim Arts Center, come out and stay for the reception afterward.


You can kick it fun style and we can have a chat to follow.

What am I going to do when I’m not in a show?

It is rare that an actor actually gets to act, much less is happy with the production...

On to the next thing.

Let it come quick.

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