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So Cal 

Visit Manhattan Beach.

See a rad, Miyagi-type local called Haze.

See a photo booth.

Mix the two.

And, for the record, the message written in Sharpie on my faux TD hat reads,

“How fuckin’ cool am I!”

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Bodies in Motion 

I’m in final revisions. I’m streamlining story until it’s great and clear and right and awesome. These types of tweaks are welcome; the “land ho!” of a long sail ‘cross the seas.

And, although I am not yet done, I have gotten some final feedback from other professionals:

“Very strong narrative throughline.”

“It reads fast, which is surprising and exciting for an epic.”

“I didn’t want to put it down.”

“I really like your main character.”

“This ending moment is strong—very nice wrap-up.”

“I have to admit you got me. I want to be one of these characters.”

The temperature’s like second skin, the waves are rolling and the water is lit with your reflection…


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Felix Felicis 

Note: If you have not read Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, then please avoid this entry as there are mild spoilers involved.


Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, much like Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, is not our book. Or, shall I say, not the book.

HBP is not as smooth as Rowling’s past work, and there is one chapter that has way too many exclamation points for anyone’s liking. The rising action and pacing to the climax is less focused and clear than usual as are the immediate villains (no obvious Umbridge or Malfoy to tick us off as the larger mystery unfolds). The story is loaded with flashbacks, which you may love or loathe depending on your taste. Despite these bits of rush and clumsy that don’t represent the full scope of Rowling’s skill (perhaps if she had more time to revise) and the overuse of the word “surreptitious,” (which I only noticed because I overused said word myself in my screenplay and had to cut back,)…

The seventh book is going to kill. Rowling has set it all up quite nicely.

Year six really doesn’t have the momentum of the other books and you will recognize all of Rowling’s standard tricks regarding clues and false guesses by the characters and such (done to a less smooth effect,) but she still manages to surprise. Most notably, she takes a (very necessary) big chance that I wasn’t sure would happen as early as the climax of HBP.

Very good read in terms of the hero’s journey and the things we love about that trip. Our friends have grown up. The main theme is a fundamental one and kept simple, which makes it powerful. Relationships are paying off. The acceptance of the larger call, the quest has happened: Harry has taken on a solid mission and his friends are with him. The stage has been set for moments that I can’t wait to read. Some of these will be as anticipated as the conclusion to the Harry and Ginny string, some will involve the inventing genius of F & G Weasley, others will be even subtler, but the sum will be strong, I’m sure.

The seventh book is going to kill.

The seventh book is our book.

And Harry is Dumbledore’s man through and through.

As usual, when you leave Hogwarts, your heart wants to do a dozen emotions at once, but, mostly, you feel empty. It never is long enough, is it?

Pardon me while I read HBP again.

Related Photo: Hedwig.



Regulus Black—

With Harry inheriting the Black house, and its artifacts (locket!) and history and so forth…

And with Mundungus Fletcher stealing objects from the Black estate and now in Azkaban…

Revisit HBP and Phoenix.

Regulus is set up nearly as well as the Inferi, if not better.

*Killed by Voldemort himself.

You will see.

But could R.A.B. still be alive? I hope not.

*Or at least on Voldemort’s orders?

Harry Potter Haiku

You Know I’m Right
Harry’s parents die—
Voldemort splits soul again,
That scar’s a Horcrux.

La Familia de Negra
R.A.B., you scamp,
We all thought that you ate death!
Way to turn on Volde.

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Seasons of C.Sto 

(Beware: Huge Harry Potter HBP spoiler ahead.)

I am in rehearsals and going wicked nuts all the livelong day, but I still have time to prop a sista, yo. And, after all, C.Sto is large; she contains multitudes. She also weighs two pounds more than I do, but that’s not what I’m talking about when I say “multitudes.” How very rude of you to think so. Anyway,

C.Sto the E-mailer
C.Sto the Wizard
C.Sto the Sayer of Prayers
C.Sto the Orderer
C.Sto the Future President
C.Sto the List Maker

C.Sto in Random Facts

Related Photo: The Claw

C.Sto called me yesterday to tell me this:

Erich, Tina, John and I were at the American Tap Room sitting outside and someone rolled by with their windows down and yelled,


And Tina and I just looked at each other, flabbergasted…

C.Sto: I can’t believe he just said that.
Tina: I know.
Random Girl at Table Behind: I can’t believe he just yelled that.
C.Sto & Tina: I know!
Erich: (aside to John) What did he say?
John: Something about double doors.

For more C.Sto fun, dig her up in the Dead Sto Scrolls. She mummifies well. (I swear!)

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Today I heard a song that I know will be the closing credits to the film I have written.

Of course, I welcome whatever works best once things are at that stage...

But sometimes, you just know shit.

Today I heard a song that I know will be the closing credits to the film I have written.

And I’m keeping it a secret.

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Jessica: Um, yeah, so my brakes were down to 5%. You’d think I’d notice a thing like that.
M.Sto: You’d think.
Jessica: Maybe I like the more challenging driving. You know, will I or won’t I? Stop, that is.
Jessica: Anyway, they had to replace that and the front engine mount thingie and they fixed the AC and probably something else, too.
M.Sto: The Grizz says to remember to write that in your maintenance log.
Jessica: k.
M.Sto: Gatta go. New season of Star Gate is on tonight.
M.Sto: po
Jessica: po
“M.Sto” signed off at 5:14:16 PM.

Do you think I should tell The Grizz that I have not been keeping up with my car maintenance log?

He might go all Picard on me like I’m Wesley Crusher stepping on the bridge of the Enterprise for the first time and I just sat in his sweet captain’s chair and started pushing buttons during a sudden mini-crisis.

Anyway, M.Sto fancies that MacGyver guy who is on *Stargate. I have never seen the show MacGyver, but one time when it was hot I propped the door open at my dance studio using only my wits and a penny.

*Note: The Stovers probably like any show or film that has the word “Star“ in the title.

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Worfs, Worfs, Worfs... 

Throughout history, talented writers have found friendship in other writers of the same caliber: J. R. R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson… The list is long and impressive. Today, JSDC is proud to present an exclusive look at a private conversation between two such prestigious writers whose worfs have, no doubt, shaped the course of our world.

Jessica: If I am promoting a film at Comicon, do you think I could demand that Worf be my body guard?!!!
Jessica: Michael Dorn would be like, "hell yes!" I am so sure.
Nickyblog: You should at least be able to demand a Worf cover band.
Jessica: Oh man.
Jessica: That would be the sweet life.
Nickyblog: Possible names for Worf cover band:
Nickyblog: Foreheadbangers
Nickyblog: I'm out.
Nickyblog: Of ideas.
Jessica: Guns 'n Worfs
Nickyblog: HHAHAHA
Nickyblog: Worf Brooks.
Jessica: LL Worf J
Jessica: ColdWorf
Nickyblog: Worf Springsteen and the E Street Band
Jessica: AeroWorf
Nickyblog: Worfica Simpson
Jessica: I was about to throw up Worfny Spears.
Nickyblog: This is making me laugh hard.
Nickyblog: Worfy Worf and the Klingon Bunch
Jessica: Haha-- That was an awesome one.
Nickyblog: I could do this all frackin night
Jessica: I am thinking up a doozy.
Jessica: Nirvaworf
Jessica: (That wasn't it.)
Nickyblog: Manoworf
Nickyblog: (you wont know them)
Jessica: (I was going to pretend.)
Jessica: a-haWorf
Nickyblog: that's just funny
Nickyblog: CSto will lament missing this one.
Jessica: Simon & Worfunkel
Nickyblog: HAHAHA
Jessica: Ta-dow!
Nickyblog: That's awesome
Nickyblog: Close to the best
Nickyblog: Each time we name a band, I picture him in it.
Jessica: Lest we not forget Olivia Newton-Worf.
Nickyblog: Never.
Jessica: Their main cover is "Physical."
Jessica: Missy Misdemeaner Worfiot
Nickyblog: Worfinem
Jessica: Bam!—
Jessica: Ludaworf
Nickyblog: lol
Jessica: WorfKast
Nickyblog: Snoop Worff
Jessica: Worf Doggy Dog
Nickyblog: haha
Jessica: Worffie Smalls
Nickyblog: The Beatles Worf
Jessica: ha—WTF?
Jessica: How about Paul McCarworf.
Nickyblog: Think about it.
Nickyblog: It'll make sense.
Jessica: Uh, just like a-haWorf?
Nickyblog: Yes
Jessica: Sweet.
Jessica: Worfary Duff
Nickyblog: Chaka Worf
Jessica: hahahaha
Jessica: Chaka Worf—ohmanthat'sagoodone.
Nickyblog: Worf Aiken
Jessica: Worfdonna
Jessica: Maworfa
Jessica: Weird Worf Yankovich
Nickyblog: LOL
Nickyblog: that rules
Jessica: Worfra Streisand
Nickyblog: Worfra lol
Nickyblog: Jesus I'm going to wake up Lucy
Nickyblog: hahaha
Jessica: hahaha
Nickyblog: Worfy worf is funny
Jessica: ahahahaha
Jessica: Stop, really,
Jessica: It's almost…
Jessica: Too funny.
Jessica: Hey if Worf was a chef he'd be:
Jessica: Worfgang Puck
Nickyblog: Hedworf and the Angry Inch
Nickyblog: ahaha
Jessica: Worf Tang Clan
Jessica: hahahaha
Jessica: I laugh at my own.
Nickyblog: Me too.
Nickyblog: Simon and Worfunkle is pretty great.
Nickyblog: Worf
Nickyblog: (like Cher)
Nickyblog: ©
Jessica: Bad Reworfion
Nickyblog: lol
Nickyblog: That took me a second
Nickyblog: Depeche Worf
Jessica: Linkin Worf
Nickyblog: hahahahah
Nickyblog: Duran Worf
Nickyblog: haha
Nickyblog: That makes me f'in laugh
Nickyblog: Not even the right syllables, intentionally.
Jessica: Shania Tworf
Jessica: Red Hot Worfi Peppers
Nickyblog: hahah
Nickyblog: Worf Hot Klingon Peppers
Jessica: ahahaha
Nickyblog: Men at Worf
Jessica: Ol' Dirty Worftard
Jessica: oh yes; I did
Nickyblog: The ghetwI' s
Nickyblog: google that
Jessica: k
Jessica: Did you just IM me Klingon?
Nickyblog: I did.
Jessica: You may have crossed the line.
Jessica: I mean seriously, you are like the knight in Garden State now.
Nickyblog: ghetwI'
(n) pretender
Jessica: Yes, I get it.
Nickyblog: oh
Jessica: KLINGON!
Nickyblog: Come on.
Nickyblog: That shit is upper level.
Jessica: Upper level like the knight in Garden State?
Jessica: Next you will begin working at Medieval Times.
Nickyblog: Never.
Jessica: Arguably, that could be awesome.
Nickyblog: Worfy and the Banshees
Jessica: We are talking Klingon here–
Jessica: Oh no don't try to go back.
Jessica: “Worfy and the Banshees” – WTF is that?
Nickyblog: Siouxsie
Nickyblog: Before your time
Jessica: And wtf, per this site I googled, is "pop" a klingon word?!
Jessica: Pop: (n) honor, reward, token of esteem [formal recognition of an accomplishment or accomplishments
Jessica: I call bullshit on that.
Jessica: Pop?
Jessica: Worf does not fuckin' say “pop."
Nickyblog: I totally get why people hate America
Nickyblog: We have time to learn a FAKE language.
Jessica: Klingon is stupid.
Jessica: “Pop.”
Jessica: WTF.
Nickyblog: How mad will C.Sto be to have missed this Worf-ness?
Jessica: Pretty mad.
Jessica: It is her own fault;
Jessica: She should stay up later.
Nickyblog: She will try to beat us after the fact and fail.
Nickyblog: Others will too.
Jessica: Totally.
Jessica: Nerds will be thwarted before they even start.
Jessica: Even Wheaton will be shamed.

Note: Other Worf cover bands include, but are not limited to:

Klingonsync, Worf and the Blowfish, Worfbox 20, Worf 182, Pink Worf, Worf2, Worf C. Hammer, 2 Live Worf, The Worfberries, Vanilla Worf, The Worf 52s, Five For Worfin’, Worfi Hendrix, Jimmy Eat Worf, Blue Oyster Worf, Worf the Wet Sprocket, The Dandy Worfhols, The Klingo-gos, Worfy Worfbourne, The Worf Stripes, The Rolling Worfs, Worf Denver, Lil’ Bow Worf, Worf Ranger, Worf DMC, Notorious W.O.RF., The Temptatworfs, Aretha Worflin, Fountains of Worf, Stevie Worfder, Worfy Cash, Nine Inch Worfs, Worf Day, Black Sabbworf, Tenacious Worf, Worfsnake, Queen LaWorftah, Destiny's Worf, Worfo Ono, Bon Worfi, The Spice Worfs, System of a Worf, Worf Jam, Jay-Worf, The Worfridge Family,The Worfees, Liza Maworfie, The Pet Shop Worfs, Worfi Lauper, Queens of the Worf Age, R.Worffy, Raekworf, Worfflowers, Worfco, Worfiohead, Kanye Worf, Puff Worfie, Woorf Fighters, Klingonboy Slim, Funk Master Worf, Worftin Timberworf, Worfvin Gaye, Salt N Worfa, Worf Stefani, Third Eye Worf, Kid Worf

And no; you can’t touch the Worf.

But you can enter Nickerblog’s Amazing Photoworf Contest.

Related Gallery: WORF: The Cover Bands

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One Less Guide 

I knew this was coming.

I’ve been close before.

This is going to freak some people out, but,

The moment you unplug, pretty much for good

Will make you a better person.

I waited.

I hoped

That I could do it when the moment came,

That I would have the strength to overcome habit…

Now, I am free.

But will continue to pay for cable. (You understand.)

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3 Lines of Awesome 

It is Haiku time.

As I am in control of the international, intergalactic calendar, this is not up for debate but is instead a fact.

Do it!
Write me something now.
Make it good and get respect.
Otherwise, get shame.

Subjects: MTV, Harry Potter, Worf and Online Friends

TRL comes on…
Five Hosts and no videos?
WTF, you fools!

Readers e-mail me.
I read it and write back sometimes,
We are friends for life.

You Know I’m Right
Harry’s parents die—
Voldemort splits soul again,
That scar's a Horcrux.

La Familia de Negra
R.A.B., you scamp,
We all thought that you ate death!
Way to turn on Volde.

Robin Worf
Coworkers in tights.
Q has sent us back in time.
Not a merry man.

New Worf Yankees
Crew is playing game.
Death to the opposition!
Stupid spin-off show.

Stuck in 10 forward.
Congratulations, Keiko:
Now you may give birth.

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Front Porch 


Sometimes I like to listen to you talk,

As we rock back and forth on the swing...

A handful of my contacts read my screenplay this week. The feedback has been so good that I am trying to let myself enjoy the moments and not be too modest over it all. Sometimes I get excited talking over the story and forget that it is I who am the creator.

I am finishing slight revisions. Most of the notes have been only a few line edits. C.Sto caught a continuity glitch in the first act resulting from something that I had cut. No one else caught this, even the experienced readers. I think there is something we can all learn from that.

So I’m waiting to get feedback from one more person before sending the story out and pounding on doors and asking people who like the work to help me and pass it along so that I can find the people to get the whole thing told in a way that will mean something.

I have a tan.

I’m tired. I’m rehearsing and I think I need reading glasses. C.Sto got them last year, so I may be due. I didn’t get enough sleep last night.

Sweet ice tea...

Summer breeze...

I look forward to a day when you have seen the story and come here to talk about it with me.

May it come soon.

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