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Big in the World 

6PM and it’s not getting lighter anytime soon.

Moonlight Sonata on the piano.

Last night I had to take a cab. It was like the opening ride in Collateral: All through the city, even downtown…

Just really big in LA.

Cities are terrible, cold, lonely things.

Shifting from glass and concrete box to glass and concrete box… Exploring them does not interest me in the slightest.

It’s life that makes things glow bright.

And, as I said, last night was cold and dark.

I’ve not left my room all day.

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Every Bleed 

To those who are still awake, bear witness:

Return to the Game

And if that pitcher talks shit to me one more time,

“You should smile more, pretty girl,”

I’ll rip him up the middle.

They say to leave it on the field.

I never do.

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Darker, Darkest 

This morning, on first sip of my mediocre, lukewarm chocolate at Starbucks (It was supposed to be extra-hot. And tasty. But I kept sipping it anyway.) I wondered,

What is the most sickening, revolting, abhorrent, ghastly thing in existence?

Physical torture.

It is definitely physical torture.

Unless you can fasten on something worse?

(I mean, I can't handle being on hold for a customer service representative only to find that they are in India while I'm on my cell phone which equals the worst connection ever not to mention the dialect issues, Barbara Streisand "on hold" music and the fact that, after an hour, said representative can't help me fix my palm pilot anyway. Of course this probably falls under the umbrella of mental torture, which is still torture, but not worth mentioning in the face of getting your fingers clipped off one-by-one with pliers or whatever it was that cutter guy had in the season finale of Nip/Tuck. Right?)

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Hunting The Awesome 

So it is 2:30 AM and I am learning some Latin amongst other things.

Do you ever wonder how you can complain about so much stuff and yet do nothing to help your cause?

I feel that way about pollution.

I have found that it is legal to ride a horse in LA so long as you obey the traffic laws. Although, the guy at the police station said he didn’t know if that applies to freeways. I didn’t ask about camels, either.

Then I went online and used my calculator to discover that buying and keeping a horse in LA is way cheaper than buying and keeping a car, even if you buy a Clydesdale from Scotland and have him shipped to California horseshoes and all.

That LAPD guy also told me that, in general, it is illegal to carry a bow and arrow. (It depends on the manner in which you plan to carry said accessory/weapon.) I saw this more as a “yes” than a “no.” Of course, this doesn’t help pollution: It matches the horse. If I’m going to ride a Clydesdale from Scotland around Beverly Hills while playing orchestral X-Ray Dog from my portable iPod speakers then I better look amazing while doing so. Also, archery is a sweet sport. (I am not interested in hunting.)

Unless I am hunting The Awesome.

Which, clearly, I don’t need to do.

Because it comes to me on its own accord, fools.

That's right, I said it.

2:41: The End.

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Two Rivers 

So much water...

Turn down the path home.

Well, maybe.

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144 & Everything After 

It begins.

Let’s make it a good one.

And, as requested, here is the hiatus verse (draft) in its proper form:

I rein my light in from the day
       And you portend surrender near?
       You dream it done? You set my snare;
This shade, it means I plot in peace.

Until the Nones of March I march,
       Soft falls my step on soldiers’ path,
       All deaf to me as I move past,
For what have I in trumpet? Hope!

As under covert rose I ride,
       Advancing with prolific speed,
       Let not our love, my love, impede
The silence strong that veils device;

I breathe in deep, then break my storm
       And force foe-blind to bleeding knee,
       Thus calm must come, then victory:
Not dark nor death, but Jesca’s sun.

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