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Lie Down by the Side 

After noon I realized that it is actually June. Accordingly, I re-visited the trail I blazed last year.

“This is a funny month,” I thought as I walked its sunny path…

I stopped.

Because, on the side of the road, I saw something that I had not remembered:

Fog. And a creek.

“Here?” I thought, “Surely there was no creek here before… .” Then, a sign…”Stopping.” it said.

And I had stopped and so I read.

And the mists they cleared and I remembered a side path was there to walk and I walked it back down the past beyond that sign and I stopped here, too, and read all of the words left behind.

And I heard a bit of music.
And I thought it was all very sad.
And I wondered why the drinking was left out of the account.
Although, I’m sure it made someone glad.
And maybe that’s why people forget
That they’ve visited this bridge, this grave.

For that fog, it soon rolls in--
Then no map can lead you here.
The kingdom by the creek, it fades…

And you, you’re alive.

You’ve stayed.

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