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The Grey Area (My Day of Renewal) 

Today something happened to me, which, in theory, should have been a bad thing, but overall I believe it is a good thing. I can't be too specific about the particular event. To explain the feeling of the event, it is like you have a boyfriend or girlfriend who you've been dating for a while and finally one of you says, "maybe we should break up."

Things have been going fine. You haven't been fighting. You've been... comfortable. Suddenly, those words make you realize; "Yes, we should. It is time." An amicable parting. You might feel sad to say good-bye. You may feel nostalgic. But, there is also excitement...

The world is open again!

The creative ceiling that I have been repeatedly smashing into like some insane sparrow going at a window has been lifted.

Also, My Day of Ruin has been lifted off of my shoulders. It was not as much my fault at all as I was made to feel on the day I wrote about the issue and all the time between, and now, through My Day of Renewal, the troubles associated with that ruinous day have been annihilated.

I'm definitely in what's known as the "Grey Area." (Located next to Area 51, but easier to find. And Grey.) The Grey Area is the point where you don't know what you are going to do. A freefall. It happens in acting, and in acting, it's a good thing. In life the Grey Area is often a good thing, too.

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