I noticed that you don’t have a creative commons license. You should get one. – Scott
No. CCL doesn't fit my needs because in NO way do I clear anyone to perform any of my work, to use any of the ILLUSTRATIONS, PHOTOS, VIDEO or AUDIO found on this site or to archive the material on this site on their own site. You can link to JSDC, sure, but you may NOT remove or copy my materials for usage anywhere else. As labeled, JSDC is ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Read the full terms here.

I cannot stress enough (because we continue to have problems with infringement, and it really hurts us across the board) that you may not use any of the The Silver Legacy artwork, any of my photos or any other JSDC media under any circumstances without direct written permission from myself.
Do you have JSDC banner art I can use to link to you from my site? – Daniel
For you? Anything. (Right click to save:)

What sort of things do you like to get and could I send you something aside from e-mail?
– Katie
Unfortunately I do not yet have a P.O. box for such things. Perhaps if many people want to send me stuff I will invest in one. Things I like to get include but are not limited to: CDs of the sender's favorite mix of songs, handwritten letters, Harry Winston diamonds, stickers, money, newspaper/magazines clippings related to my interests, appropriate drawings and original art, fancy pens, photos of amazing landscapes (especially if they are ripped out of a wall calendar), ribbon, invitations, books, vintage t-shirts, a motorcycle and photos of people looking at my awesome photos.
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