Entry: Other People's Money
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From Quinn
About time. I was starting to worry. smile
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From Sean Bonner
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From Curtis Sawyer
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I cannot research everything in the world in great depth...

It is like that in any industry. In IT I occasionally get something like, "You didn't know about the Hitachi Hard Drive break through that will give us all 10 TB of HD space by 2011?"

And I say, "Dude, I'm too busy doing my job to read every IT headline every day."

It’s amazing how anyone can learn anything real quick nowadays...

Speaking of things that are worthwhile to learn, everyone memorizes very well so they can past the test. But do they retain it? Do they continue with that in-depth education? No. Are there things that we are better off unlearning? Probably yes.

I haven't had my coffee (decaf!) yet this morning so maybe I'm just babbling...

Anyway, I believe. Beware the fears.
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From Nathanael
Website: http://ignorantcritics.com
Glad to see you back, Jess.

And we're all very glad that you can read -- and write, as well. Complaining about the state of affairs in entertainment is a pleasant way to pass the time; but for those of us outside the system, the best way to do something is support those who are actually able to effect change. That's you. smile

And for the record, I still reject the idea that Uwe Boll has a movie career. His works are not movies, but strung-together snippets of light and sound that serve no purpose other than wasting the time of people too unintelligent to stay far away. The fact that his audiovisual products are released through a studio's distribution channel is mere coincidence, and should not be counted as evidence of filmmaking. That requires some basic level of thought and skill, of which I have seen none.

/haven't had my coffee yet.
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From Sean Stubblefield
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oh, yes. The amusing annoyance of people thinking not only that they know more/better than you (when the opposite is true), but that you know nothing.
Most people don't like that illusion broken, so I tend to just keep my "correctness" to myself. I, however, want to know if/how I'm wrong... so I can be right. Most people tend to be morons, so I tend to assume they are until proven otherwise. But I also find it insulting when done to me by people I know are morons.
They don't know me, and thus that I Know.

For the record/win, I am as curious as you. Always exploring.
Awareness is not the same as action.
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From Sean Stubblefield
Website: http://exastra23.deviantart.com/gallery/
When people don't know what you really know, what you can really do, they typically underestimate you. You risk looking the fool. Withholding your knowledge lets others think you are a fool, while revealing it would prove you are not. A lot of people think I'm the fool. The problem with keeping a working or even proficient knowledge to yourself, or miscommunicating it, is that others erroneously assume you are ignorant or that you don't understand.
Especially presumptuous are those who consider themselves experts in some area and that no one but them (or an "expert") could possibly understand. Exacerbating this mis-placed arrogance is an assumption that, as an expert, they already know everything about their area of expertise and don't/won't need to learn anything else or examine alternative ideas... and so do not bother to try. Like this idiot businessman guy.

And some flaunt their so-called expertise to make themselves look/feel good. Unaware of or in denial about how clueless they really are. They are closed systems and cannot be reasoned with, having already made up their minds about how things are.
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From Andre
Sorry, couldn't resist.
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