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From szark
I'm sure the licensing fee to use The Macarena was much cheaper. wink

And I feel the same way about the camera techniques in "Bourne Ultimatum" -- I think there was a car chase in there somewhere, but I couldn't really tell.
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Official Comment From Jessica
The cutting in that sequence bothered me as well. For a car chase sequence, I haven't seen anything that can touch Ronin. I was fairly little(r) when I saw the movie and, despite knowing little about filmmaking at the time, I remember thinking that it was the best car chase I'd ever seen.

From James (szark)
Oh, yes -- that was a fantastic car chase sequence. I think I'll have to watch that movie tonight after work.
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From Byron
This has bothered me greatly with recent action films: the stunt people work hard on the combat scenes and you can't make out what is going on!

I'd prefer to have them watch some Fred Astaire movies as examples: single shot, minimal or no camera movement, and let the professionals do their thing.
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From Sean Stubblefield
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I noticed that technique. usually it is used as a means to denote or even highten the sense of "action"... or to hide the lack of choreography or skill from an actor or crew. actor can't really do the action/fight scene? -jump the camera around and create an illusion.
fyi-Shatner does all his own stunts. he said so.

Ian and Patrick were brilliant in Extras. as they are in every role.
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From Steve
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Bullitt, Steve McQueen.

Ronin was pretty awesome.

I have to get used to the daily posts again.
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From McDuck
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Transitions and lighting are a HUGE pet peeve of mine. If the transitions are too rapid and the images only vaguely representing the moment or story at large, I lose interest almost immediately. It's almost worse than characters you can't relate to in any way.

One of my favorite movies with regard to lighting and editing effects is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. The use of washed out scenes and color draining from various shots to exhibit the bleak outlook of someone who is watching their memories bleed out of their own mind was fascinating to me.
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