Entry: Dangerous Waters
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From Dave Grant
Website: http://www.divergingroad.blogspot.com/
I haven't read (or previously heard about) this book, but I am interested in the subject matter. I watched a rather interesting documentary called Shadow Company, and know there is another book written by an ex British soldier turned private security contractor, called Making a Killing, I believe. These companies recruit from former military and law enforcement personnel primarily, and I have one co-worker in particular who has been doing some serious research.
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From Sean Stubblefield
Website: http://exastra23.deviantart.com/gallery/
News to me. Sounds like fiction... too fantastic to be real. At first, it reminded me of LG15... faux reports to illustrate a book. I've long Known this kind of activity went on behind the scenes, and it's cool to have it so verified.
It's a fascinating topic, the permissability and legitimacy of vigilantism.
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Official Comment From Jessica

"Kucinich also says the problems with contractors are not simply limited to oversight and transparency. 'It's the privatization of war,' he says. The Administration is 'linking private war contractor profits with warmaking. So we're giving incentives for the contractors to lobby the Administration and the Congress to create more opportunities for profits, and those opportunities are more war. And that's why the role of private contractors should be sharply limited by Congress.'"

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