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From David Markland
Website: http://blogging.la
I'm not impressed by the trailer, but I like Danny Boyle. He's made a couple bad pix, but a pretty good track record.

Personally, I'm more excited about his plans to make a Trainspotting sequel.
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Official Comment From Jessica
Did you notice the attempts to make the appearance of movement out of scenes that really don't have much movement? Such as a clip of a scene wherein someone stands and walks forward then it cuts to the next thing in the montage, which is someone turning away dramatically… Things of that sort.

That technique drives me crazy. If it’s not an action-esque film and is more psychological/drama, then don’t market it in the former way. Visual films don’t have to be filled with set-piece action in order to be good. I wish they’d have more confidence in their product (when due) and us as an audience.

And it looks like a lot of those shots in the montage, the ones with movement, are from the climax sequence of the film. It's an odd little trailer, isn't it? Confusing, really. Were it me, I'd restructure the thing. It looks like they have enough of the right footage to pull off a trailer that people could better connect to, even if the film isn't great in itself.

From Sean Stubblefield
Website: http://www.geocities.com/exastra/home.htm
But using that score in a BSG vid is totally ok. (love the song)

You can't tell by the trailer, but go to the main sight http://www.sunshinedna.com/
and the way they talk about Sunshine give an impression of it being more than it seems. A kind of grand psychological commentary and spiritual statement. Like The Fountain for the mainstream. But you're right in that the trailer is poorly structured because it doesn't reflect that point, and doesn't give a clear idea what the film is REALLY about. visually, it's gonna be stunning and maybe worth seeing for that. Thematically or conceptually, I'm not so sure. But 28 Days was cool and I am curious.
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Official Comment From Jessica
I've been to the site. I'm a purist: I don't like all that behind-the-scenes secret-killing. It ruins the film!

And, anyway, every film with a decent budget is visually stunning. When the marketing isn’t good I feel like they’re trying to fool me because that is always how it has gone in the past.

The Fountain was a hard one to market, however the trailers were fundamentally good and they did a great job of avoiding some of the traps they could have fallen into in the positioning. So the film wasn’t exactly what it looked like, but I wouldn’t change a thing about it and in that case I’m not sure what I would have done personally about the marketing.

I am of the opinion that the trailer and the poster should say enough about a film. That being said, every rule has exceptions. I just don’t think Sunshine is one of them and thus their marketing is wacked without an excuse.

From Katie
I saw this trailer in a theater and it was exciting and powerful with the sweet music [even if it IS recycled, it still sounds rad in a theater smile], but who is to say if the movie will actually be not crap? Trailers are one of the most misleading things in cinema, in my uneducated opinion - for good or for bad. I imagine they must be one of the hardest, too.

So is Requiem for a Dream good? I've heard the name a few times, but never seen it. Would it be worth my while?
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Official Comment From Jessica
Yes! I saw Requiem a few months ago (here is what I said) and it's one of my favorite films.

From Katie
Alright then, I'll have to pick it up. wink
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From Curtis Sawyer
Website: http://ussexcalibur.blogspot.com
1. I'm a sucker for Lux Aeterna.

2. It's SciFi (or "SF" if you prefer).

3. Therefore, I'm there.

T-38 hours 'til departure for St. Martin and 10 days of bliss...
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From AgentLars
Glad to know that I'm not the only one that got freaked out about Event Horizon. I was so tense I kept wanting to walk out. Candyman did that to me too. Can't explain what those two had in common nor why no others have bothered me that way.
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