Entry: Drug-store Cowboy
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From Sean Stubblefield
Website: http://exastra23.deviantart.com/gallery/
I'm planning a trip to California this summer, and Gower Gulch is on my list. I gotta see that magical place, and check out The Portal. Maybe I could meet you(Jess) for an awesome tour/adventure? Unlike Madd, I'm not afeared.

"Realize Imaginations Highest Peak": sweet.
What is that sign attached to?
That "assery" sign is funny (mostly because you photographed it), and reminds me of a sidewalk "poetry" I saw last weekend. A list of blue things, and among blue moon and blue berry was blue balls(!). In a public, supposedly "family friendly" area.
*Mommy, what does that mean?*
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From James Cooper
Website: http://www.visiblewear.com/
Drug-store cowboys and dime-novel romances. The Old West hidden in the New West. Sticks of dynamite or sticks of gum. The showdown's the lowdown. Hot times, hot bods, hot chocolate.
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Official Comment From Jessica

All visitors: Make sure you go to the Gulch no earlier than 9pm. The portal doesn't open until darkness falls.

So I just got my new phone (that was fast) and I realized I ordered one of those music phones that I never see the point of because "I have an iPod for that." Also, my plans for being phone-less for a few days have now been thwarted.

Oh well, back to the call list.

From Sean Stubblefield
Website: http://exastra23.deviantart.com/gallery/
A request was made for the weirdest torture method we've heard of. So: Physically- the Clockwork Orange style excessive stimulation causing sensory overload, with eyes pried open.
Mentally/emotionally- taunting someone indefinitely with their fears/phobias.
It is demented how many types of torture have been invented.
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