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From Sean Stubblefield
hey, no mats on the floor! wa-ha!take that shin splints!
reason #237, why Jessica is cooler than me(I?). wink
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From Peter
Website: http://www.peterdewolf.com

That was just lousy with awesome!
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From AlCantHang
Website: http://www.alcanthang.com/poker
My first thought, EXCELLENT!

Second thought, OW, SHIN SPLINTS!
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From Q
After watching bits of my Superman Returns DVD*, this still looks even cooler.

*we can fight about this later wink
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From James Cooper
Website: http://www.visiblewear.com/
Coming soon, watch Jessica as she fights ninja midgets bent on blogosphere domination. She'll flip, kick, and Parkour her enemies with no mercy. When the Intarwebs needs a hero, look no further than Jessica Stover dot Com.
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From Curtis M Sawyer
Website: http://ussexcalibur.blogspot.com
Looking good!
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From Ted
Break it down, Jess!
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