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From Q
The "new" Boomer is actually now Athena. So, yeah, the nerds should fix that.

I haven't seen the "new" Pegasus yet. I want to in a bad way, but as long as the DVDs go by .5 season, I'm not buying 'em. At the labs here, we like whole season sets.

That being said, I love me the BSG. ...way more than I thought I would enjoy a series these days. Perhaps that labels me a BSG Nerd. I'm okay with that. (quality rules)
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Official Comment From Jessica
They could at least call her the "Caprica copy of Sharon." Or something. (Since by that episode she's not technically "Athena" yet.)

And dude, don't buy the DVDs: Get Netflix.

You could almost watch a whole season with your free trial and the monthly membership costs about the price of a single movie ticket.

From Sean Stubblefield
only heard about the alternate footage. does change things a tad.
i am curious to see. that sounds creepy and sick, considering what it is. context is important.

as long as we're on BSG, I'll plug a cool site 2 of my friends made:
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From Curtis M Sawyer
Website: http://ussexcalibur.blogspot.com
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