Entry: The Neverending
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Official Comment From Jessica
Per Aidmheil, remember that burro I saw chomping on a tumbleweed in the desert?

True story.

This article pertains to him, and the possibility of that experience, too.

From Dave Grant
Website: http://www.greatestblogeverwritten.blogspot.com/
I've come to the conclusion that only crackpots run for political office, because the rest of us know better. Unfortunately, the result is we are governed by a bunch of far-from-center wingnuts.

When I worked on a First Nations reserve in out west, I used to see wild horses frequently. Definitely something worth preserving.

Or we could keep raping our world in the name of progress and capitalism.
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From Curtis M Sawyer
Website: http://ussexcalibur.blogspot.com
One of my senators (Schumer) is a co-sponsor of the bill. I just sent the following to Senator Clinton (I put it together very quickly, so don't nit-pick the language - most was copied from the article you linked to):

I urge you to support S.1915, a bill introduced by Senator Ensign of Nevada to stop allowing wild horses on public land to be chased down with planes and helicopters by the Bureau of Land Management, sold to ranchers for a few dollars, and then sent to slaughterhouses – by the thousands. Senator Burns slipped Rider Number 142 into a 3300 page appropriations bill a few days before Thanksgiving recess, which gutted a 1971 protection bill. Burns received $380,512 in campaign contributions from ranching interests, mostly from out of Montana. Given that Vanity Fair reports that an estimated 40,000 mustangs have been rounded up by the BLM and sold for pet food, this works out to $9.50 in campaign funds per dead horse. Please stop Senator Burn’s legislation, and send a message to President Bush’s Secretary of the Interior who seems to favor mines, clear cuts and mustang roundups over conservation.
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From Sean Stubblefield
i know this isn't directly related, but i just had to mention this: U.S. government chastizes N. Korea for defying international will in testing nuclear weapons. you mean, like America did when it started this conquest of Iraq? does no one else see the irony? the hypocrisy?
it's ok for America to have nuclear bombs, but no one else? or is it the fact that the leader of N. Korea is a raving loon that makes America so uncomfortable?
sometimes it seems like our government has lost touch with reality and sanity.
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From WestsideKef
Website: http://westsidekef.blogspot.com
Careful Dave. Remember that CSto is gonna be president. Jess will have to confirm the crackpottedness of the the Sto sister.
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