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From M.Sto
Don't WTF me, young lady. The box is sitting at the post office waiting for you. It was delivered yesterday.
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From Robert
Website: http://www.robertspuhler.com
I stole it. Because by "the post office," M.Sto means "my house."


I need a better "evil laugh."

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From Jen
I wrote a haiku
Well sort of, it was not mine
But I am still cool

So don't say 'Only one person did'...you hear me? There's your stupid haiku...and I submitted haikus to the other board too. Foolio. (I love that word!) smile

JK Jessica...you are awesome.
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From Amanda
You're getting the GameCube? Cool. My lil sis got PS2 for Xmas. We get so excited now cuz now we can actually buy video games. Personally I like my 90s N64 games better (Super Smash Bros Rocks!)than her millenium PS2 games. But she has that cool dancing game.
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From Jen
Yay for old school N64! smile But Dance Dance Revolution is fun too...
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From Kelli
Seriously can we get over this Haiku thing? We need some real poetry...
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From C.Sto
Hey Jess, why don't you put up some freaking photos and give the "Photos" section of your site a purpose?

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Official Comment From Jessica
C.Sto, how dare you post that after I JUST told you I was in PHOTO HELL!

Sidenote to the World: I am having a little trouble with my photo galleries.

I am very frustrated. Photos will come soon, though. I spent all weekend on them.

BTW: Why does everyone fear the haiku? Is it my mad haiku skills that you find so intimidating or just the mere fact that everything I do is totally awesome?

From Kelli
I have no fear of the Haiku, I just find them a bit blah (stupid really but blah sounds nicer) and I enjoy longer poems with a little meaning.. Sorry if I offended you...
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From Amanda
My Haiku about 2 celeb crushes: (so they suck cuz i'm a bad writer when it comes to love poems)

Short Hobbits are cute
But Elijah steals my heart
His eyes have won me

Diego Luna
My tall dark and handsome prince
Salsa dance with me
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From Alyssa Thordarson
Website: http://www.alyssa-marie.net
I read on your thing
That you met my Landon D
I am so jealous.

big smile Rock on.
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From Jen
Orlando sees me
He flashes me a hot smile
We'll get married soon

Haha, I like my haiku smile
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From Kelli
This is a "real" poem written by me.. you can like it you can hate it but at least it's not a damn Haiku...

I Feel You

I feel you in my heart
And in my soul reaching deep
I felt it from the start
Into my skin you seep

I feel you in my mind
Emotions going wild in my head
Words I cannot find
For most have been said

I feel you all around me
Running wild and free
I feel it even when you i cannot see
I feel your love though with me you cannot be
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From dorkiepervason
Your beautiful smile,
infectious and glorious.
It brightens my day.
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From Jen
Jessica Stover
You got me hooked to haiku
Now I can't stop, fool.
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