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From Geoff
GREAT!!! 2 please.
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From AlCantHang
Website: http://www.alcanthang.com/poker
Count me in.
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From Danielle
Website: http://kittenagogo.typepad.com
Yes, please. Thank you.
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From Rick
Sure count me in for one. Can we get a picture of our favorite author included? (I know im greedy)
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From Q
Without a doubt: I'm in.
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From AgentLars
I'm in.
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From Q
Without a doubt: I'm in.
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From Katie
Absolutely, I'll buy one. I was hoping you would do this smile
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From SK
Sounds good.
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From EM
I think so, too.
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From Dave Grant
Website: http://www.greatestblogeverwritten.blogspot.com/
Is a Liger bred for it's skills in magic?

Sign me up.
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From sean stubblefield
damn skippy, i want one! please and thank you.
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From Curtis M Sawyer
Website: http://ussexcalibur.blogspot.com
You don't even need to ask. Of course I'll take one.

Fiction skills displayed,
Greyfeather was but a taste.
Is there more to come?

Answer: Yes
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From Stef
I want one!
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From Melissa
Yes, please, add me to the list. And a signed one at that.
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From WestsideKef
Website: http://westsidekef.blogspot.com
Of course I want one!

Man, it boggles why she asks questions like this wink
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From Dariush
Website: http://www.dariushshafa.blogspot.com
Heck yes, I'm in!
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From Joe
Website: http://www.AskewedViews.net
Make it so!
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From Michael
Since I ordered "Aidmheil" in the hope of getting "Greyfeather" as the chewy goodness in the center of the awesome, my answer can only be, hell yeah!
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From Jason Masuda
Website: http://www.soodz.com/blog
I am totally up for a copy. I missed out on a signed copy of Aidmheil so I am eager to get this one
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From Mike Hall
Website: http://herdingchaos.net
Count me in. I would love to see another chapter of Greyfeather.
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From James Cooper
Website: http://www.visiblewear.com/
I'd take one.
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From kapgar
Website: http://kapgar.typepad.com
I am definitely in for a copy.
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From C.Sto
I'll buy a copy for me and all of my friends... so that will be a total of 4.
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From Jessica #2
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From Thomas
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From Steve
Website: http://www.toicreative.com
If I told you that you could buy the next edition of Greyfeather, would that be something that you would be interested in?

Yes, Bob, that would be something that I would be interested in.

C Sto only has three friends? That's tough. Despite my recent absentee-ism, I would like a copy. Bonus points to anyone who gets the above reference.
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From ralphd00d
Website: http://ralphd00d.livejournal.com
Sign me up for one.
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From Jon
I'm in for 1.
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