Entry: Holly's Wood
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From Jen
Hey Jess! Guess who got a POTC poster from Blockbuster today??

ME! big smile And it's JUST Orlando and it's SUPER huge, and I will NOT leave it behind for you to come steal, Miss Black Bess Bonney. In your face, yo. (Kelso voice)...BURN!! smile J/K

PS--Sounds like a fun weekend. Glad you and Holly had a good time.
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From Holly
Three days in the life of Jessica Stover consisted of gettting dressed up and meeting famous people everyday.....I wish my job was that much fun! I had a blast in L.A. Thanks for being such a great host Jess (except for the little cranky morning indicent of course)!!
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From The [Available] Gunn
Website: http://www.jessicastover.com
Holly, would you like to win a date... with me? wink I can lick Narnia lampposts with the best of them. Just kidding. It would be pretty tacky to ask the boss' best friend out on said bosses blogger. Unless you think it's awesome. Then I really mean it.

From Andre
Dear Jessica,

You seem to have issues with the television show, One Tree Hill. Can you explain to us why you dislike that show so much?

-Curious Fan
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Official Comment From Jessica
I did. I dislike it because the writing and production sucks. There are shows I hate way more than this one, so I wouldn't say I have "issues" with it. I was commenting on the teen targeted writing/projects of the producer/director.

From Jen
It better not...Chad Michael Murray...you can't get much better than that. Unless of course, it's Orlando Bloom. smile
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From Stef
I have sad news. I would totally believe that you two were in love but unfortunately, Josh Duhamel is engaged. He said it on some show he appeared on. Forget about him and aim for Orli!
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