Entry: Paul Davidson Called Me White
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From Dave Grant
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Yo....that is wiggity-wiggity-wiggity-WHACK!

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From Danielle
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Bananarama was an 80s pop group from England. Siobhan Fahey headed up the group. "Cruel Summer" was a hit for them. She also started Shakespears Sister with Marcella Detroit (Marcy Levy).
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From Q
Kick it!

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From Mike D.
Pauly's a soft sucker with a parrot on his shoulder(pirate)/J.Sto's bad, gettin' bolder/cold/cold gettin' colder...
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From Robert
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1) In no way, shape, or form do you get to claim DC. Sorry.

2) Somewhere, Jam Master Jay shed a single tear.

3) P Diddy then remixed said tear.
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Official Comment From Jessica

Do you really think Washington D.C. wants to be known as The 'DC? And, anyway, I called it first.

Too bad.

PS: I just heard P.Diddy's tear remix and have to admit that the hook is catchy.

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