Entry: Aidmheil: The Trailer
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From AJ
Website: http://www.ajgentile.com
I would like to open the bidding on the Batleth at $1000.
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From Q
Now THAT was awesome.

(golf clap)
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From Dave
Website: http://www.greatestblogeverwritten.blogspot.com/
Legendary. I especially enjoyed the speed finger exercises.

And Nickerson's pants were HAWESOME.

Loved it.
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From Stef
LOVE it!!
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From Curt Sawyer
Website: http://ussexcalibur.blogspot.com
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From Merujo
Website: http://merujo.blogspot.com
That just made my night. Brilliant.
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From Matt
Website: http://www.mattebert.net
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From Jan
The costume department deserves an Oscar.

And the trailer really opens with the immortal words given to us by the trailer gods "In a world ..."!

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From wynk
Website: http://wynk.diepilot.org
HAhahahahahahaah that is so. excellent. The casting rules me.

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From Thomas
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From Curt Sawyer
Website: http://ussexcalibur.blogspot.com
Where is the full-screen high bandwidth version? Where are the download options?

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From Brian
Website: http://ripleybsx.blogspot.com
That was hilarious! You don't often see a trailer for a book anymore and that even looked better than some of the actual movies coming out this summer. HAWESOME!
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From Robert
Website: http://www.robertspuhler.com
Well done, y'all. It looks great.

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From Katie
My god, it's so beautiful. It makes me want to buy Aidmheil again. For the third time. Bravo.
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From Dariush
Website: http://www.dariushshafa.blogspot.com
It was so good I had to plug it.

Although, I will say this (and I did say it with the plug)

Points off for Nike headband (corporate suckupitude).

Points off for popped collar (just noticed it after watching for the 10th or 12th time).

Still worthy of an A+-.

Rock it.
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From dusty
Website: http://metadusty.blogspot.com
Dude, I'm so excited that this has been posted for the world to see. Seriously, Shane gets the extra-special award of friendship for wearing a toga in an alley in the middle of the night in winter (yes, even in SoCal winter nights can be brutal). Paul's Russian accent makes me giggle everytime I hear it, and AJ's West Hollywood man hissy-fit is so perfect... so when are the outtakes due wink
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From Kaleb
Website: http://axon-family.net/blogs/kaleb/
*laughs uproariously*

*jumps up and down and claps*

*watches the trailer again*

*laughs some more*

*smiles for the rest of the day*
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From James
Greatest. Trailer. Ever.
You so rock!
And willing to take the hits with your own stunts!
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Official Comment From Jessica
That tumbleweed rocks hard. It's made out of coat hangers and dreams.

Thanks for watching, fools.

From Jason
I love it! It totally brought a smile to my face after a really crappy day. Now if only jeans like the rocker dude had on would be back in style...not that I own any. Yet.
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From nicole
Website: http://conceitedprincess.blogspot.com
It SOUNDS really awesome---I want to watch it soo bad! I have to figure out how to make it work!!! (For whatever reason, while my computer has had no problem using QuickTime for--what? YEARS now? NOW it chooses to punk out! *whines and cries piteously*
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From The Gunn
Website: http://www.jessicastover.com
Nicole -- e-mail me directly and i'll assist you in getting it to play!

~ TG

From JasonR
Website: http://i40.com/
The trailer was better than I expected.. And worth installing quicktime 7 for.


Nichole, try installing the latest version of quicktime. I was running 6 on Firefox, and got audio only. The visuals aren't bad at all and worth the download.

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From Jessica #2
I laughed, I cried, and I even did some ninja moves. A+, J.Sto and crew! ;p
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From VS1
Severe lack of chairs, but still - the cause is just, and the typenastics are first rate.
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From Stephanie Pina
Website: http://www.medusaeyes.com
LOVE it! You have me so stoked!
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From EM
Awesome link! JSto bringin' it to the people with lame, outdated computers.

I give it one thumbs up, way up!
(Never cheat at poker when playing with ninjas)
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From Peter
Website: http://www.peterdewolf.com
I finally got to see it! (QuickTime hates me. It involves his girlfriend... there was a misunderstanding.)

It's poifect. Well, just shy of poifect. It needs Holly licking that Klingon fighting dealie.
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From Kelli
I was finally able to watch the trailer.... HI-Larious.... I laughed when it was sound only but actually seeing it was funny as hell...
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