Entry: Hunting The Awesome
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From Curt Sawyer
Website: http://ussexcalibur.blogspot.com
When I was in High School we used to play "Padded Weapons Combat" where we took PVC pipe and wrapped it in foam and then used duct-tape to make it look like a sword, or an axe, or a hammer, or whatever. Then we'd go into the woods and have large-scale (20+ people) combats. Different weapons caused different amounts of damage - it was actually a little complex and had a rule-book.

But one thing you were allowed to do was to take arrows, chop off the point, and wrap a big-ass chunck of foam around the end with duct-tape. As long as you used a 30-pound draw or less bow, and didn't aim for the head, you chould shoot people. The wad of foam had to be pretty big on the end, so they didn't travel very far, but they stung like hell. People were very hesitant to charge at another group if that group had a couple of archers ready to fire.

Ah, youth...

And yes, I am a nerd.

Nerds rule!
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From Big Red
Nerds do indeed rule. It took me 28 years of desperately trying to be cool before I worked that out.

Back to the horses: There's a friend of my mum's who owns a few, and every xmas day she mounts one and rides round the village chatting to friends and drinking their sherry/brandy/whatever is in the glass. The horse seems to know when she's had enough and then takes her back home where hubby has spent all morning making dinner.


This is in an English village, though. Dunno how it would go down in L.A...

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From Kevin McD
Website: http://www.sonicbeef.com
Make me laugh out loud at work again and see what happens! I DARE you.

When they haul me away in that several-sizes-too-big, homespun-looking jacket for cackling in my office at seemingly random intervals, I'll see if I can send you the address of the facility I'll be staying at so you can send me soothe-the-crazy-bastard mail...or Rorschach CLiff Notes so I can study for their tests.
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From Stephanie
Website: http://www.medusaeyes.com
If one was to ride a Clydesdale in LA, I would expect to see them with the appropriate accessories. Otherwise, it's just plain silly.

Any self-respecting officer of the LAPD should understand that a bow and arrow with your steed of choice just goes together. That, and a sweet pair of shades. And a jaunty cap.

So, I say jusy go for it.
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From Curt Sawyer
Website: http://ussexcalibur.blogspot.com
My sister came out and played "Padded Weapons" one time. Her entire team got wiped out and she was the last person standing. She grabbed about 5 "handaxes" and climbed a tree. When the other team surrounded the tree to try and kill her to seal their victory, she began chucking the axes down onto their heads, which counted as a killing blow. She took out three of them before the others backed the hell away from the tree. After a five minute stalemate, they decided to call it a draw and start a new combat session.
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From spes
Sanis satis es, Jessica? Sanis satis es?
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From EM
While random queries at the police station sound fun, I'm interested in knowing whether this was a voluntary trip or is there something you're not telling us?
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Official Comment From Jessica Mae
spes: Am I silly stupid? Because I read your Latin as, “Are you that board, Jessica? Are you that board?” (Instead of “bored.”)

To which I would respond,

Tua mater tam antiquior ut linguam latine loquatur.

And no, my research was not out of boredom: It is part of my master plan. No time for randomness, really. I don’t even have time to cross-reference your Latin. (Which is why I may have read it all wrong.)

EM: I called the PD general inquiries line. Much easier than going up to a station in the middle of the night.

Post Scriptum: Haha—“jaunty.”

From WestsideKef
Whoa...did I just see a Mama joke in Latin?

This site may be passing beyond my level of education.
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From laura
Website: http://lechimaera.blogspot.com/
Oh. My. God.
I am so blown away by that awesome idea. I think I'm going to have to move to LA.
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From spes
I may have spelled something wrong, as I was pulling it up off the top of my head. (Also why it's such a random phrase, I only have really random Latin phrases memorized.)

It's supposed to say "Are you sane enough?"

By which I meant no offense, I just had to throw out the latin skills.
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From EdwoodCA
Gotta love the Random & Useless Phrases In Latin!

SUPPEDISNE? [Or was that me?!?]


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From Curt Sawyer
Website: http://ussexcalibur.blogspot.com
I'm probably going to spell this wrong as I'm trying to remember back almost 20 years to High School Latin, but one of my favorite expressions (taught to us by the teacher) was:

"Ede stercum et morire uste stugens porque."


"Eat s*** and die you gravy sucking pig."

I'll have to do some reseach and see what the exact spelling really is...
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From Brian
Website: http://ripleybsx.blogspot.com
There's only one Latin phrase you should always remember:

"Semper ubi sub ubi"
(Always wear underwear)
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From WestsideKef
Website: http://westsidekef.blogspot.com
Oh Brian...

Always where? Under where?

Sounds like you are giving away your best hide and go seek spot.
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