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From Curt Sawyer
Website: http://ussexcalibur.blogspot.com
I liked in Pride and Prejudice and Anna Karennina and such how gentlepersons are always very polite and bow to each other. I told my wife after seeing P&P that people should bow more and that I was going to try to start up bowing again. She told me that would be fine except that I would be the freak bowing at parties. And I'd be alone.

I'm part way through the book...too many demands on my time right now. I'll put up my thoughts once I'm done reading.
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From David Mitchell
Website: http://pchit.blogspot.com/
Tell your Navy friend to stay home. A friend of ours is in Iraq, spending his days on morgue patrol. The young banker thought he was doing a good thing for himself and his country by joining the reserves, but he is astounded by the stupidity of our armed services and how poorly organized, equipped and maintained the entire operation is. I wish he was lucky enough to be home.
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From EdwoodCA
So how many pancakes is too many? Y'know. Just in case.

Dig on the "Well Said" quote.

"SUPPEDISNE" cracked me up, big time.
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From Q
"He can also drink a lot of Guinness."

This is an admirable skill. (from the "takes one to know one" department)
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Official Comment From Jessica Mae
Edwood: It depends on the size of the pancake and the person.

Use this formula:

(H / 4) = (P)

Where as:

H = The Eater's Weight in Stones / Divided by Four and P = Ounces of Pancake.

Hence, you may consume 1/4 your body weight in stones (one oz. per stone) in pancakes.

Anything over that number is clearly too much.

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