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From Q
His best voiceover, I think, is Shawshank. "I miss my friend."

I want him to v/o my eulogy. That may seem odd that I will have one, but I work in production, so probably notsomuch.
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From Stephanie
Website: http://www.medusaeyes.com
I have avoided watching War of the Worlds at all costs, but now that you mention the great Freeman, I waffled a bit.

A great voice is everything.

My favorite voices:
Jeremy Irons
Alan Rickman
Dame Judi Dench
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Official Comment From Jessica Mae
Freeman only narrates twice in the movie, and that's just to explain what happened because the thing sucks so bad.

Shawshank rules,


Oh wait, I'm back;

Your voice list also rules,


From John Doom
Website: http://johndoom.blogspot.com
It still didn't explain the "Lazarus Son Effect". We all saw that little punk die, right... Right?
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From Eddie
More shite than confusing. I was too bored to care if it made sense. I felt no compassion for any of the characters; just didn't like them. It may have been interesting to see the story approached from a different angle.

Allow me to third the Morgan Freeman props. I'd rather listen to him tell the story on tape than to watch the flick.

Still gotta love Josh Friedman's blog, though.

As for Shawshank? Hell Yeah.
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From Curt Sawyer
Website: http://ussexcalibur.blogspot.com
War of the Worlds sucked. Two thumbs down...way down. My wife and I hated it. Awful, awful, awful. Don't even get me started on continuity errors and how the hollywood ending just bit bit bit.

I strongly urge everyone to stay away from this piece of crap.
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From Stef
I could have told you War of the Worlds sucks.

Morgan Freeman does kick ass voice overs though. I love that man.
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From spes
Morgan Freeman could probably tell me the earth was flat and I would believe him.
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From jellyfish
Website: http://jellyfishonline.blogspot.com
I reckon War of the Worlds is about 1/3 a good movie, 1/3 a patchy movie and 1/3 pure shite. I must confess to genuinely enjoying the beginning (especially the scenes where people start to get fried - I was SO AFRAID), but from the moment the son sort of wanders off to 'join the army' (please note his 'badass' headscarf) things go rapidly downhill.

The final scene has got to be one of the greatest cop-outs of all time. 'Oh, the aliens didn't come here where the rich people are.' Morgan: 'And then they got sick, and they died. Human life goes on, rejoice!' Oh, please.

Keep writing, J Sto. They need you. So do we.
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From Curt Sawyer
Website: http://ussexcalibur.blogspot.com
And I liked how the parents were all clean and showered and yet the son apparently just walked in the door and had not been able to clean up or change his clothes. Totally unbelieveable! Crap!

So many things were just wrong, wrong, wrong about that movie.

Now Serenity showed you how to kill off a character.
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From Xyloart
I was drunk when I saw it which helped a lot.

The firey train of doom was the best part. I wonder who thought up that one.

Also, the aliens are so advanced that they buried ships here a zillion years ago, but their inspection cameras don't have infrared and are fooled by mirrors?
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From WestsideKef
Website: http://westsidekef.blogspot.com
Ah Curt, I agree 100% on your last point. What a way to go...

"I am a leaf on the wind - watch how I **urk..."
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