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Official Comment From Jessica Mae
PS: The Grizz hides his liquor in said bag with trickster labeling because I stole his Pepe Lopez Tequila on prom night. Upon getting busted, I had to pay him back for the bottle in cash and respect. He obviously has not trusted The Sisters Sto around his alcohol since that incident. Luckily The Grizzes don’t use Internets, so he’ll never know that we’ve scoped his sweet stash. (Keep your mouth shut, M.Sto. Or else.)

From The Grizz
Stay out of my office.
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Official Comment From Jessica Mae
M.Sto, you are so bad at being The Grizz.

I mean, everyone knows The Grizzes do not say anything without growling first.

From Q
I would still have my flock of Wild Turkeys, if it wasn't for those meddling kids!!!

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From Luciana Barroso
I demand an edit. Or an explanation. Or a free copy of Aidmheil. Leave it on "our table" at Matt's favorite restaurant. Then I will know...
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From Stef
Who is this Zach that dares to question the random facts?

Love the current Well Said. Miranda Lambert is one of my favorite country singers and Kerosene is by far my favorite of her songs.
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From Unsomnambulist
Website: http://offlineadventures.com
The Grizz inspired the Wookies? Thats amazing!
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From Joo Lee
Website: http://www.livejournal.com/users/jewelsl85
Ok, "Zach Morris" made me choke on my drink. Damn you, Salazar! DAMNN YOU!!!!!!!!
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