Entry: The Worst Mistake (My Day of Ruin)
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From kelli
Seriously I am having the week of ruin Jess... I maxed out my credit card, I have
-$20 in the bank, I still need two Christmas gifts, work is screwing me over with an 11 hour shift, I had plans with the man of my dreams, and then in one quick IM ruined everything over something sooo stupid it is unbelievable we are fighting over it.. and now am left with nothing... I have no way of fixing the words I said tonight and I can also add that I will be getting zero sleep before my 11 hours of hell begin... So it is nothing as important as your day of ruin but to me it is everything and the fact that the one time I didn't want to fuck up I did really is tearing me apart.... I just wish for once I could catch a break, and actually have good things happen to me... Instead of living in a life of shit as I am now

Official Comment From Jessica
Kelli! I am so sad about your day of ruin. We'll catch a break soon, I hope...

From Triana
I use to let Days of Ruin turn into weeks and months of Ruin. I've found that the best thing to do in these situations is to get up, brush yourself off and know that something like that never has to happen to you again. Because when you know better, you do better. Chin up Jess! No matter what you did or how bad you messed up, the people that really know you, know what's in your heart and in time will forgive you. If you can't suffer embarassing, humiliating or dark times with your friends and the people that love you...well then you probably should find new friends.

From Robert
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Hey, at least you weren't mugged. wink

Seriously, I know you'll get through it. Merry Christmas!


From KDiesel
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I think you should say My day of Demise..or Destruction or DooDoo or anything with a D. That would be as cool as Days of Thunder. oh wait.
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